Five of Our Favorite “Treehouse” Scenes in Movies

When you’re young the idea of gravity, danger, and what a weak branch could mean to the integrity of your tree-born fortress don’t really factor into your thinking. Treehouses have been a common staple of young people for decades, and in some ways have been a rite of passage for young children to either build or at least enjoy with their friends. A childhood without a treehouse nowadays is pretty normal really, but back in the day the treehouse was a place where kids could sit and dream about the world around them or just sit and do whatever came to mind. To be quite honest not all of it was that smart, but it was fun.

Here are some of the best moments that any kids in the history of film ever had in a treehouse.

5. Jack

If not for the premise of this story the scene would seem kind of creepy. But Jack unfortunately ages four times as quickly as his classmates and by the age of ten looks like a man in his forties. Mentally and emotionally he’s still a little boy, and of course little boys tend to get up to all sorts of things that others might find disgusting or otherwise suspect for the hilarity it gives them. The old farting in the can bit is always a gas, pun intended, that young boys seem to enjoy.

4. Without a Paddle

That must have been one sturdy treehouse to hold three grown men. Well, two and a half really because come on, Seth Green can’t weigh that much. Anyway, it’s a throwback to a simpler time when the boys were all dreamers and the promise of adventure and riches was so much more sensible to the mind of a child. Responsibility and adulthood tend to crowd out the need to go exploring and be irresponsible sometimes, but in the end you usually find what was really important all along.

3. Stepbrothers

Sigh. I really want to know why people find this to be such a popular movie but I’ve so far only been able to laugh in fits and spurts. Both actors are great, the premise really is good enough to make the movie, but something about grown men still living at home, or being allowed to, along with a treehouse made to their specifications is just, I don’t know, kind of lame. It’s funny enough to be considered worthwhile, but it’s also pretty goofy.

2. Stand By Me

The scene only dominates part of the first act, but it still sits as one of the best scenes in the movie. It’s where you get to meet Chris, Teddy, and eventually Vern. It’s also where you get to see just who’s the smartest in the group when Gordy lays out his well-detailed plan on how to get to Back Harlow Road without their parents being any the wiser. No wonder the kid grew up to become a writer, his mind is working a mile a minute without any real effort.

1. The Sandlot

You’re killing me Smalls! Oh yeah, that felt good. The Sandlot actually takes place for a good chunk of time in and around the treehouse. Barring the fact that it sits in the back area of the field overlooking the Beast’s lair, the gang still spends a good amount of their time up in the tree, especially when it comes time to try and fix Smalls’ biggest mistake of all.

Go through any small, rural town or even suburbia and there’s a chance you’ll still see a treehouse every now and again if you’re lucky.


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