The Five Funniest Movie Scenes Starring Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t what you would call a comedic person unless she’s off screen or if you should happen to watch any blooper reels that are made of whatever movie she’s in. A lot of the funniest scenes she’s in might not seem funny to other people but there’s a type of humor in them that many people can’t help but snicker at and possibly feel justified for doing so. Onscreen she’s usually a very serious character, but off she becomes kind of a goof at times as she shows her more comical side.

Here are a few moments when you might have laughed simply because it felt right.

5. Silver Linings Playbook

A woman scorned is usually no time to be laughing but the tongue-lashing she unleashes on Pat’s father is something unheard of when it comes to someone berating Robert De Niro. Not only is she decades younger than him but she’s laying down the law in a very big way by contradicting, and rightly so, the belief he has that his son is the one responsible for messing up the Eagles game earlier in the day.

4. The Hunger Games

Katniss is not a woman that likes to be talked down to, or in this case ignored. When she misses her first shot those in the balcony are less than impressed and no doubt think that she’s a fluke, someone that will be dead within the first few hours of the game. She puts that notion to rest when she takes a breath and sinks an arrow into the chest area of the target. Unfortunately the gathering has chosen to ignore her at this point, until she sends an arrow sailing into their midst, through an apple and straight into the far wall.

3. Passengers

Ignorance is bliss at times and it’s just that way here since Jim has no intention of telling Aurora that he’s the one that woke her up early. But when he tries to get her into enjoying the luxuries that the ship has to offer she seems less than psyched to get into the dancing game that he seems so keen on. She tries to be a good sport at least and starts spending more time with Jim as they enjoy the ship together.

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Mystique has a way with men that allows them to think that they can have her no matter what her eyes might say. The manner in which she gains their confidence is always kind of amusing since just approaching a woman at a bar seems like it would be an okay thing, but getting them back in your room and watching them change into a blue-skinned mutant with moves like a kung fu acrobat is something else entirely.

1. X-Men: Apocalypse

Honestly a lot of theater erupts in laughter when Mystique knocks guys out, especially those that think she’s just a weak little woman. Since her inclusion into the X-Men films she’s proven time and time again that she’s more than capable of standing her ground.

So they weren’t all insanely comical but they were funny on the grounds that she does the unexpected at times.

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