Five Guest Characters That Should be in the Next Mortal Kombat Pack

When Ed Boon wants guest characters to appear in his Mortal Kombat games, he usually picks wisely. The latest entry delivered the first kombat pack a year ago and gave us some tough fighters. The coolest thing about it was that it was diverse, containing of a few actual Mortal Kombat characters and some interesting guest characters. They included Joker, The Terminator, and the upcoming Spawn, all different types of characters. Spawn will be released next month, but Joker and Terminator spilled enough blood to fill a thousand buckets. Playing as them only made me want more guest characters to appear in a second kombat pack. Boon has been constantly teasing one through social media, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

I speak for many Mortal Kombat fans when I say I really want that second pack, but there’s always the question of who will be in it. There are always polls where fans can vote on who they want, but in the end, only a lucky few will make the cut. We got characters from all kinds of realms to choose from, including other video games and certain movies, so let’s do some digging.

Here are five guest characters that should be in the next Mortal Kombat pack. Round One.

5. Raiden

The first combatant I vote for is a veteran of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Who else can top our boy, Solid Snake? The cyborg ninja called Raiden. This awesome character made his mark in a few Metal Gear Solid games, but had one all for himself in a hack and slash fashion. The 2013 action game, Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance, starred the cunning warrior, twirling his sword around so awesomely. Just watching cutscenes of him shows why he should be a guest character for the next kombat pack. He is literally a samurai mixed with a cyborg. His uncanny skill with a sword only makes him more fit for the Mortal Kombat roster. His inclusion would only mean more characters would lose their heads.

4. John Wick

The next potential guest character I’m rooting for is one that is very human. On top of that, he is a gargantuan dog lover. However, he is also ironically an extraordinarily skilled hit man. He mastered the fighting style of “Gun-Fu” and can kill you with almost any kind of object. Plus, he’s played by Keanu Reeves, can NetherRealm Studios please secure his cooperation?

John Wick is very much a human character, in contrast to the other grotesque characters in the roster. Will it seem odd that he’s taking bloody punishment from them? Honestly, who cares? It’s Mortal Kombat and everyone take their licks, no matter how over-the-top they may be. John Wick is a quiet man, but he is a brutal one and he can do some serious damage to the other combatants. They can even throw his pet pit bull in the mix and make the ultimate master and dog duo. They would tear everyone apart while riddling them with bullets. Baba Yaga wins!

3. Judge Dredd

For my third choice for a potential guest character, I pick the hardcore lawman known as Judge Dredd. He’s been played brilliantly by Karl Urban and not-so brilliantly by Sylvester Stallone, but let’s ignore the latter performance. Urban captured everything that the character is from the comics, and it was beautifully bloody. Judge Dredd enforces the law in Mega-City One, a massive pit of chaos and anarchy. He spends essentially all of his time patrolling the city and punishing anyone who’s dumb enough to break the law under his watch. When they do, they have two choices, which involves either a cell or a body bag. In short, he’s the by-the-book cop you wouldn’t want to cross.

Judge Dredd would make a fine addition to the roster because of his weaponry. His main weapon is a highly advanced pistol called Lawgiver. It is coded to his palm-print and capable of firing multiple kinds of ammunition. This includes incendiary, armor-piercing, and much more deadly choices. Let’s not forget his awesome motorcycle, Lawmaster, which contains advanced weaponry and has an artificial intelligence of it’s own. A gun that can only respond to his commands and a deadly motorcycle that can operate to his orders. This guy would do some insane damage in Mortal Kombat.

2. Pennywise

The inclusion of The Joker showed how brutal killer clowns can be. He smiled and laughed all the way as he killed other combatants in some brutally comic ways. However, he’s not the only killer clown that can do some serious killing. While The Joker is the evil super villain clown, the demon called Pennywise is the main clown of horror movies. Unlike Joker, Pennywise is an evil clown with near limitless power. Having him in the roster would be like pulling Scarecrow from Injustice 2 and making him twice as violent. He feeds off the fear of others and can take on monstrous forms. The large spider arms, the monstrous jaw, and the ability to grow in size would serve him well against other combatants. Plus, he’s just very hard to kill. Step aside, Joker, because there’s a clown out there scarier than you.

1. The Mask

The antihero from Dark Horse Comics is basically a cartoon character and he has the powers to back it up. Just think of Bugs Bunny on steroids and with a serious violent streak. The Mask is a freakishly grotesque character, but he is a unique one. His unlimited “toon force” powers allow him to pull weapons literally out of thin air and receive the worst kinds of punishment. Remember when the old cartoon characters would hit themselves with hammers and you’d hear the funny boink noises? Yeah, he can do that, but his head looks like a bloody stump when he does it. That’s just one of the many crazy things he can do.

That’s precisely why he needs to be a guest character for Mortal Kombat. His unusual abilities would be fun to see and play in the game, not to mention what his fatalities would look like. Mortal Kombat is no stranger to wacky antics and having The Mask on-board would seriously take it to it’s peak. An ultra violent comic character with the powers of a cartoon character versus someone like Scorpion? I can already imagine his fatalities.

Final Thoughts

Those are my picks. Mortal Kombat likes to up the ante with it’s guest characters, and these guys fit the bill. Maybe the future will award us for our patience.

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