Five HBO Max TV Shows We’re Excited to See in July

HBO Max has been building up to be one of the big contenders coming into the streaming wars and it looks as though it has plenty of content with which to do so at this point since July is about to be packed full of titles that people will be wanting to take a look at, both new and old. Some of those that are coming to the site are bound to be able to cause a good deal of excitement since they’re still among the favorites of many people no matter how longer they’ve been out of circulation or how far they’ve been pushed back on a given schedule. HBO Max is definitely stocking up in a big way as they have a lot of competition to try and work against in order to get the kind of attention they’re seeking. At this point it feels as though the network has a good shot at really setting themselves apart from many others, but until they really start to push in a way that others will take note of, it’s going to be a token bit of competition at the most. Right now though the impressive lineup that they have coming in July is enough to get the attention of a lot of people and make it clear that they’re not playing around.

Here are a few shows that people can’t wait to see when July comes around.

5. Inuyasha

People happen to love manga and anime and it’s been an up and down kind of relationship throughout the years, but mostly up. For one reason or another anime has struck gold in the USA and people have been snapping up every episode, reading the manga, and taking to the stories as though they’re going out of style. As one more among the many, Inuyasha has been among those that has captured the attention and the imagination of many people and has been fully embraced in a way that has allowed it to stick around long enough for HBO to finally grab hold and make it popular again by releasing it under their label.

4. Sesame Street

This show has been an American favorite for decades now so it’s nice to see that it will be brought back in some way for people to enjoy. While much has changed on Sesame Street throughout the course of its run there are still plenty of people that happen to love everything about it and are still massive fans. The love of the show hasn’t dimmed in all this time as can be seen in the many articles and mentions of it that have come about in the past couple of years. Likely as not those that are interested enough will keep this show going long into the decade if not beyond since it’s been a great program for kids.

3. Creepshow

The making of this show is nothing short of spectacular since it was a favorite of many horror lovers for years and it’s bound to be just as good as it’s always been for those that have seen it before. Something about this show is just flat out creepy, no pun intended, but still enticing since it brings the fans a good deal of laughs along with the horror since it’s not shy about what subjects it goes after and the scares that it’s about to deliver with every episode. If nothing else, this show is a good retreat at the end of a long day and a good laugh when a person really needs one.

2. The Smurfs

Just about everyone has loved the Smurfs at one point or another, and the movies kind of rekindled that love, though a lot of people are wondering just what’s going to happen now that we’ve seen a couple of movies and found out about female Smurfs. Likely as not the show will still be highly entertaining and will continue the story of the blue-skinned folks in a way that a lot of people will find endearing and even intriguing. There’s still a lot of stories left to tell with the Smurfs, and now that the animation is going to be up to date it’s bound to be even more interesting than before.

1. Foodie Love

There are dating apps for just about everything and everyone these days, but thinking about meeting on a Foodie app is something that might not be known to a lot of people, meaning it could be of interest to a lot of folks. The 8-part series is something that could win a lot of people over since the idea of bonding over a desire to try and enjoy new foods and experiences could be something that a lot of folks might find kind of inspiring and decide to try.

July is going to be full, that’s for certain.

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