Five Interesting Theories About Snoke’s Identity

It’s been two years now since Snoke was introduced as the supreme leader in the “Force Awakens,” the new Star Wars trilogy. We don’t know much about this leader expect that he is disfigured, he isn’t against, and is the leader of the First Order. With time and mystery, you always get many theories being spanned by fans trying to explain the origins of a character, and what they expect from them. It seems that the surest way for now to get some insight into the identity of Snoke is to wait for “The Last Jedi to give some hints.

Fans have tried to piece up theories from the conversations in every minute of the show and tried to draw conclusion on where he came from. The only thing that fans have come to realize is that he must be very old. Other than that, they can only hope that there is a big story being saved for him, which will widen the plot and make everything juicier than it currently is. The following are some of the theories that have been accepted by the most ardent fan as being the most plausible or offering the most interesting explanation.

He could be Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis is a Sith master of Palpatine, and is portrayed as wise, which is why for a long time he has the favorite among fans as being secretly Darth Plagueis. He was considered powerful enough to use the Force to create life, even when it didn’t exist. It’s thought that Palpatine killed him in his sleep, but being a master of life, he couldn’t have just died, never to be heard of again. He therefore hid himself, waiting for the empire to collapse, which is why he is now made his appearance, though still hiding his identity.

That theory got support from Snoke’s theme that had a great similarity to that of Palgueis. However, Lucasfilm Story Group has discredited that theory, which is expected from them. They have no reason to support something that could interfere with the mystery they have worked hard to create.

Palpatine Is Still Alive

Emperor Sheev Palpatine’s end came when he was thrown in a pit that appeared bottomless, and ended up exploding as he descended, but as some fans have theorized, you cannot keep a good Sheev down. In a world where resurrection exists, he therefore returns to a new and expanded universe. The theory suggests that he is trying to rebuild his empire, considering that Snoke is a much more scarred than Palpatine, and they bear some similarities. The theory suggests that he is trying to do that with some branding, which gives the First Order some similarity to the Galactic Empire.

Well, there isn’t much of a likelihood of such a thing happening. There is not much that the Sequel will gain if Palpatine is resurrected because his end was quite conclusive. Furthermore, the plot is thick enough as it is for the a need to bring back Palpatine to exist.

Mace Windu

Fans claim that after Mace Windu was electrocuted and thrown out of the building, he ended up becoming Snoke instead of dying. However, this theory does not get a lot of support either because it’s too complicated and long for fans to follow.

Darth Maul

Another theory is that Snoke is Darth Maul, who “died” towards the end of the previous film at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, that theory doesn’t seat well with fans who have been following the film sequel closely. That’s because Obi-Wan Kenobi killed Darth Maul, but he did it much later.

Alien Species

This is the last and most plausible theory, which says that Snoke could be from an alien. He conquered the First Order and then brought together the victims to rebuild the Empire and give it a new beginning.

We hope that even though these theories don’t give much hope of the return of Palpatine, you will still look forward to learning more about Snoke.

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