Five Lessons The Show Restaurant :Impossible Teaches Us

It is not difficult today to turn on your television and find one of these fix-it television shows. Networks are abuzz with them and it seems that viewers have also caught this bug as well as shows like these rakes in millions of viewers every episode. There have been shows with the same theme in the past that managed to become household names such as The Extreme Makeover show, and The Profit just to name a few. Restaurant: Impossible much like the shows on that list is a one that has managed to fix over a dozen nearly failing restaurants.

So what is the show Restaurant: Impossible all about?

Restaurant: Impossible is a reality show that features the famous restaurateur and chef, Robert Irvine who also hosts the show. It aired originally on Food Network as from 2011 to 2016 but took a 3 year-long break and made its comeback on April 2019 on the same network after being revived. Restaurant: Impossible is a series that aims at renovating and tries to save failing American restaurants in the hope that the revived restaurant regains its original if not better profitability and gain prominence.

The concept of the show is that the host Robert Irvine has to work on a budget of $10,000 within 2 days to revive the restaurant. The basic things that happen within those 2 set days involve a complete assessment of the restaurant’s problem and undertaking activities such as crafting a new décor for the place, educating and training the staff on good management among other things. Chef Irvine doesn’t do it all by himself as he is usually assisted by other crew members who are experts in different fields such as designers, contractors and other qualified members of the show. Restaurant: Impossible provides some really great lessons for anyone who wants to delve into the restaurant business or who already owns one.

Lessons that are great takeaways from Restaurant: Impossible

1. Set a good example

Most of these fix-it programs or shows usually end up backfiring mostly due to poor leadership. If you want your restaurant to prosper and maintain the good record set by the show’s renovation, you as the leader need to put in the work. Being a leader means being a servant. Instead of delegating duties, get in with the rest of the staff and help out in case of a busy day. After all, it is your business and not of the staff. A wise man once said if you want something done delegate, if you want it done right, do it yourself!

2. Every detail counts

Most restaurants fail because of their inability to pay attention to even the smallest of details. Make the counters spic and span, inspect your shelves daily, ensure the utensils are clean and neat. Paying attention to details will ensure that any current or aspiring restaurant owner gets it right. Plum Deluxe provides a specific case scenario where a certain food joint made some really delicious pasta and pizza but used very bland sauce in their recipes which usually cost them their sales. Chef Irvine noticed the problem and fixed it and this slight detail changed the restaurant’s profits significantly.

3. Quality before quantity

If you have not had this enough then here’s another gentle yet loud reminder. Quality always supersedes quantity. People are more often willing to pay extra for your product if it is of good quality even if it is served in lesser portions. According to Chatter Bachs, before any transformation of any eatery begins, Irvine always tries the food first then obtains feedback from customers who frequent the joint. Robert always assesses the menu for its captivation or at worst the eatery’s unappetizing meals. He always insists on the meals being at their best for better reviews hence more traffic to the joint which in turn will help boost profit.

4. Time management

In the food industry, time is literally money. The more your team slacks around the more customers get irritated and leave. Irritated customers give bad or negative reviews for your business. Negative reviews mean no sales hence no profits which in turn lead to some serious downsizing to cut costs. As you can see, poor time management causes a ripple effect on the business. Part of the transformation usually includes Chef Irvine asking the staff to create a list of what they do on a daily basis and help them understand priorities. Creating a work plan goes a long way toward ensuring quick service delivery to customers. Happy customers give happy reviews which leads to more profit and satisfaction.

5. General understanding of the business

Just because you can change the bulb doesn’t mean you are an electrician. Same goes for food, just because you are an excellent chef doesn’t mean you can run a restaurant. Owning and running a successful restaurant means that you should have knowledge of how to conduct the daily affairs of the business. This knowledge includes having an understanding of how to handle money, general customer care services, handling rude or incapable workers and identifying the problematic ones. In terms of money, limiting the number of free refills customers get will ensure you save and still keep your customers happy as echoed by Robert Irvine.

Bonus tip…

6. Recognize talent

Like all things, life is a race. We all are working hard to get to the top. So is your staff. Always ensure that you recognize potential talent when you see it. This will go a long way in ensuring that your staff is motivated as they too will work harder to get recognized. This will see your staff become more efficient. Chef Irvine might be one boisterous host but from the show’s success, it seems that that personality seems to be getting the job done. In case you are on your last end of the rope and are looking for a saving grace for your restaurant, you can always give Chef Irvine a call. Otherwise, the above takeaways are perfect for if you own a restaurant or not as they also appeal to even daily life.

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