Five Life Lessons CW’s “The Outpost” Teaches Us

The Outpost

If you’re a fan of fantasy television shows, you might want to check out one on the CW called The Outpost. So far, there are only a handful of episodes that cover a couple of different seasons. Nevertheless, this is a show that’s worth watching, even if that isn’t readily apparent the moment you first tune in. As a matter of fact, there are some serious life lessons that you might learn by watching the show. The top five are listed below.

1. Sometimes things aren’t always what they appear to be

In the show, a group of missionaries come to a young girl’s village. You would think that this would be a good thing but in reality, these are not the types of missionaries that anyone would want to run into. In fact, they’re more like mercenaries who are hiding under the protection of calling themselves missionaries. It’s an excellent reminder that things aren’t always the way they appear. In fact, appearances can be utterly deceiving. That’s why it’s so important to keep an open mind and think for oneself. Blindly accepting something because you are told to can get you in a lot of trouble and that’s something that you can learn and carry with you in your own life.

2. There really is something for everyone

The majority of people that watch the show have commented negatively on the way the scenes look or the acting. Other people have completely fallen in love with it, admitting that the first few episodes were rocky at best, but that the show continued to get better and better as it went on, eventually culminating in something that was very much worth watching. That just goes to prove that any type of art is subjective. The thing that one person completely loves and can’t get enough of is something that the next person may be able to do completely without. In a way, this is like a metaphor for life. Everyone has their own individual likes and dislikes, the things that make them tick and the things that tick them off. If all of these things were the same for each person, it would be a very boring world, indeed.

3. People are never one-dimensional

People have a way of labeling others, even when they don’t like to be labeled themselves. Unfortunately, it seems as though it’s part of human nature to do so. As a result, many people get in the habit of labeling someone as only one thing. For example, one person might say that another person is always nervous or is a control freak. The thing is, there is no such thing as a one-dimensional person and this show actually reflects that quite well. It does so by creating new depth in the characters, often to the point that just when you think you really know who they are, they start to show you a completely different side of themselves that you never saw coming. It’s very similar to real life because even when you know someone quite well for a number of years, you only know the parts of them that they choose to show you. There’s always some part of each person that they keep private and in that way, every person is dynamic and different, far from one-dimensional.

4. You’re often stronger than you think

This is a show that immediately deals with a great deal of loss and tragedy. Talon, the main character, is witness to not only the killing of her parents, but her entire bloodline. That would be enough to send most people over the edge almost instantaneously. Some would be frozen with fear and others would be determined to crawl into a bottle or do whatever they had to do in order to survive. Still others would be equally as determined to do whatever they had to do in order to ensure that they didn’t survive. Think about how difficult it would be just to survive that type of pain, knowing that literally every person that you’ve ever trusted is brutally slaughtered right in front of you. In the span of a single heartbeat, everyone that you’ve ever relied on is gone. Imagine what it would be like not only survived that, but to learn to rise above it and become your own person despite witnessing such tragedy. That’s precisely what Talon has to do and it’s what most people have to do at some point in their lives, albeit on a smaller scale, thankfully. The thing is, most people don’t truly realize how strong they actually are until they have no other choice but to be that strong. It’s only then that they discover what they’re truly made of.

5. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands

Just as Talon decided to track down those who were responsible for the deaths of all those who were close to her, there are times when you have to make a decision in life. Granted, it’s rarely on this scale and it doesn’t typically involve getting vengeance on someone else, but there are times in life when you have to make a choice. You can either let someone else, or circumstances in general, make your decisions for you and you can play victim to those types of events, or you can take control of things and steer events in the direction you want them to go. Both can be equally difficult, not to mention painful. Nevertheless, there’s a certain amount of freedom that comes from refusing to simply lie down and take whatever comes. It’s liberating to stand up and fight for the things you believe in, even if your back is up against the wall when you do it.

When you think about it, it’s easy to find not only these similarities between the show and real life, but several more. After all, there is something to that old saying that life imitates art, or is it the other way around? People create things based in some part on the experiences that they’ve had. Even in a work of complete and total fiction, there has to be some type of basis for it, something that set the spark for the story to begin with. It’s typically through some type of life experience that these sparks come.

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