Five Life Lessons The Show “Escaping Polygamy” Teaches Us

Sometimes people are born into polygamy, and they often have no choice as to whether they want to pursue such types of lives. In this case, the only option is to break free from the restrictions of such families and escape polygamy. This was the same situation with the various women including Shannel, Jessica and Andrea well over a decade ago. To be specific, the show “Escaping Polygamy” follows the story of these three sisters who after leaving Salt Lake City polygamist cult known as `the Order`, dedicate their lives to helping others. This includes helping women, men, and even children, escape the claws of their own polygamist lives and settle into better lives.

Here are some of the five lessons that the show `Escaping Polygamy` teaches us:

1. Some societal norms can be broken

The main characters in the show, Shannel, Andrea and Jessica are struggling with societal norms relating to polygamy. Both are set in marriages that are inspired by polygamist tendencies, and this is somewhat uncomfortable circumstances for the women.

2. You can do what you want

Despite being married off at such a young age, escaping polygamy teaches such women that can still have a new lease on new life. Being in an uncomfortable marriage is not a compulsory thing, and this is demonstrated in various instances in the show. For instance, Shannel, who is the second of 12 children who are born to Kingston and one of his various wives, leave the order following forceful marriage to their first cousin as a teenager, manages to remarry later on in life and with two healthy daughters.

3. Life is short, find a purpose

The main characters in this show also demonstrated various important values that can be applied to various aspects of life. For instance, following the departure from their tumultuous marriages, the women realize that finding a purpose is much more important than anything else in life. For this reason, most of them become deeply engaged with voluntary efforts and changing the lives of various people. For instance, in the episode “give my daughters back part 2,” Joslene and Kollene are on a dangerous mission to help Suzette find her own daughter.

4. Never stay in an uncomfortable relationship or lifestyle

For those who never knew that polygamist cults and lifestyles exist, then this show is the perfect place to gain insight. In particular, it does well to go in depth by highlighting the important aspects of discomfort associated with the conventional relationships and lifestyles. It then shows how these same characters transform their lives and take on meaningful lifestyle paths. Jessica and Andrea, who are two of well over 10 children are born to Daniel Kingston and his sixth wife, manage to escape with assistance from any aunt, and placed into foster care during a nationally monitored custody case. They have since then gone on to become successful individuals in life.

5. Keep positivity in your heart

Escaping polygamy does well to extend beyond conventional relationship issues and complications. The show and its exceptional themes teach various values in relation to being positive about anything in life. For instance, the

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