Five Life Lessons the Show “Mountain Men” Teaches Us

Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that Mountain Men is a reality TV show focused on people who live much closer to the wilderness than to urban civilization. With that said, while the people who star on the reality TV show might not seem like they have much in common with most of the people who watch them on the TV screen, there are some life lessons that can be extracted by those who are intent on seeking some sort of meaning.

Here are five life lessons that can be learned from Mountain Men:

Continuous Improvement

One of the people featured on Mountain Men is Marty Meierotto, who earns income by trapping animals for their fur. As a result, he maintains trap lines that run for miles and miles, which are sometimes successful and sometimes not so successful. However, Marty does not just use the same bait with the same traps each time that he heads out. Instead, he monitors unproductive traps for a time to see whether they have any potential in the long run. If they don’t, he makes changes. This is a useful reminder to people that they should monitor what they are doing as well so that they can make gradual changes leading to better and better results over time.

Don’t Sink Resources into the Unsalvageable

With that said, there are times when gradual changes will not be enough to save the situation. When that happens, people must be prepared to take much more drastic action instead of continuing to waste their limited time, effort, and other resources on a lost cause. This can be seen in how Marty decided to move his trap lines in one of the later seasons, which was a choice that came with its own problems but nonetheless provided him with a chance to make his traps productive again.

Keep Up with the Times

Speaking of which, while the people featured on Mountain Men are not living in the manner that has become the standard for most people in the modern United States, they do adapt to the changing circumstances on a regular basis. While the consequences of failing to adapt might not be as immediate for those living in the manner shown on the reality TV show, they are nonetheless serious, which is why people need to continue monitoring their circumstances so as to move in tune with the ever-changing times.

Mutual Reliance

Humans are social animals, so it should come as no surprise to learn that humans are most effective when helping one another and being helped in turn. This can be seen on Mountain Men, which sees people helping others and being helped by others from time to time in an important reminder that mutual reliance provides people with the best results.


On a final note, the people featured on Mountain Men face challenging circumstances but are nonetheless capable of surviving out there because they are willing to persevere in spite of the obstacles in their chosen path. For people facing other challenges of their own, this is a reminder that they too can overcome the obstacles in their chosen path so long as they can persevere. Something that could provide them with a much-needed boost to their motivation when they need it.

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