Five Life Lessons the Show “Mr. Belvedere” Taught Us

Mr. Belvedere was a popular sitcom that aired during the mid 80’s to 1990 when it was finally taken off the air. This show was notorious for having the ability to teach the audience while entertaining them at the same time. A lot of sitcoms have followed this formula throughout the years but some have veered off and decided to focus more on entertainment value than anything. What shows like Mr. Belvedere taught us however is obviously lacking in current programming since it’s become more evident that people have to figure out for themselves just how society wants them to be.

At lease with Mr. Belvedere there was  solid role model to follow.

5. He taught us how to act as a family unit.

Mr. Belvedere had to step in and put up with the Owens family, who weren’t the worst bunch to ever start in a sitcom, but were still kind of frazzled and didn’t always act like a cohesive unit. What he did was allow them to understand just how important they were to each other and the overall success of the family, thereby bringing them closer together and allowing them to rely on one another.

4. He taught us how to cope with uncertainty.

There were tense moments on Mr. Belvedere that were hard to watch at times since they’d been seen onscreen but were still difficult since they mirrored real life so much. The manner in which the story progressed however allowed the butler to handle the situation with great patience and understanding and show others how to do the same.

3. He taught us how to to balance proper manners with modern day societal norms.

Mr. Belvedere was a very prim and proper kind of person. He didn’t really express an air of sloppiness or even tolerate it in the household. In this manner and by setting a good example he made certain that others were shown what could be done to act normally and politely and still keep to the expected trends of society.

2. He taught us how to take pride in ourselves.

He wasn’t an overly proud man but Mr. Belvedere was still a man that was quite upright and expected a great deal from those around him in terms of being proud of who they were. Some viewed him as a glorified nanny but he was resolute and forthright in the fact that he was who he was and wasn’t about to change. In this manner he showed us that it’s not what others think of you that makes you who you are, it’s how you carry yourself and how much you believe that you are just fine being the person you’ve become.

1. He taught us how to stand by others in times of adversity.

The episode in which Wesley’s friend contracts HIV is a particularly good example of this as HIV was considered to be a good reason to break off ties with a person no matter if you were their best friend. Mr. Belvedere taught us that you don’t run out on someone just because they’re in a bad way. If you’re friends with a person then you stand by them through thick and thin.

He was a good teacher.

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