Five Life Lessons the Show Basketball Wives Teaches Us

Who doesn’t love a great drama? We certainly do, and Basketball Wives may be a reality show, but it’s got all the excitement we will ever need. The cast of the show goes through emotional highs and lows at least ten times an episode. We love the cattiness and costumes, parties and private lives that no one heard about outside of tabloids until reality TV started getting big. For fans who are all caught up, we have some great life lessons you can learn from these unique and beautiful women. If you missed the last episode then we’ll warn you now, SPOILER ALERT, we have spoilers aplenty!

1. When You’re Famous, People You Don’t Know Want to Make You Look Bad

Dedicated fans already know there’s been some serious rumor-mongering going on in the world of the ‘Wives lately. If you caught Jackie whipping a chair at the skate party, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. However, it’s what lead up to it that has a life lesson for us all. The simple truth is that when you get famous people who you don’t know want in on your business. Some of them will go to great lengths to get your time and attention, and not all of them have your best at heart. Gossips love a good rumor, and an Atlanta gossip guy named Anthony apparently contacted Jackie on the DL, in a private message. He told her that some of the other wives had been spreading rumors on the street about Malaysia and her kids. We don’t know who the mysterious Anthony is in real life, but he’s not the first person to slam a stranger. In fact, tabloids do it all day. After all, celebs don’t hate the paparazzi because they’re so invested in getting stunningly beautiful pictures and printing the nicest things about everyone.

2. Rumors Will Wreck Your Day

On the subject of the recent rumors, we have a second life lesson that’s come of this whole Jackie situation this season. Rumors, whether true, false, or somewhere in between, will wreck your day. More than that, they can ruin your life if they get too bad. Fortunately, this hasn’t torn any families apart (yet), but it’s not making things better for anyone. In the end, regardless of who said what to whom in this she-said/she-said situation, rumors are creating a whole lot of trouble this season. We don’t care who you blame, though Jackie and Evelyn appear to be playing both sides of the fence to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a toe issue that someone made a bad joke about or the whole city of Atlanta is saying you’re a terrible parent, rumors are no laughing matter.

3. Money Can’t Buy You Class

Some of the stars on Basketball Wives are worth millions. They have enough money to live in the most prominent house in paradise. They can go to the finest salons, drive insanely expensive cars and shop Fifth Avenue (or anywhere else) all day. Sure, having that kind of money is lovely, but it’s not everything. Luckily the ladies mostly have businesses and jobs of their own. They have family and fame by the pound. Sadly, all the wealth in the world can’t buy class, and it shows (for some). Picking on each other’s bodies, ages, income and more isn’t beneath (some of) these women. Bullying isn’t the extent of it. It doesn’t seem to take much heat to spark a fire in the Basketball wives circle. Things can go from calm and civil to strings of swear words and death threats faster than you can say ‘Net Worth,’ on this show. We know it’s not classy of us, but that’s a big part of why this show is such a guilty pleasure.

4. Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer

Some friendships were built to last. They involve two people who always have each other’s best interests at heart, and who share common interests, not unlike a good marriage. However, life isn’t perfect, and friends can fall out of grace. Such was the case with Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams. Once you stop trusting a person, it’s hard ever to repair your bond. Luckily that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the things you enjoyed about their company. The old saying about keeping your enemies closer than your friends is just as true for wealthy Basketball Wives as it is for the rest of us. Given that the two women, Evelyn and Jennifer, split so hard it looks like Jennifer isn’t ever coming back to the show. They certainly don’t appear to be friends anymore. However, that hasn’t stopped the pair from hanging out together anyhow. According to OK magazine, Evelyn had the following comment “As women, we must be able to rise above personal feeling and conflicts to support causes that have such a devastating effect on our communities.” She’s certainly not wrong, but it also helps to keep an eye on anyone willing to stab you in the back.

5. Love Makes Everything Better

One of the more endearing things about Basketball Wives is the brief peeks into each of their relationships with their husbands, at least for those who are still married. It’s not hard to see the genuine love and emotion shared even between the less expressive couples. Though the show focuses heavily on the wives and how they interact with each other, there are always heartwarming little moments when you get to see how they handle the stresses of their lives as couples. Having a shoulder to cry on, or someone you trust and love above all others to soothe your cares away at the end of the day is the real lesson here. Love will help you get through the worst days with a smile on your face.

Final Thoughts

Having a career, family, and famous husband is hard enough. When you get your own show about it, things end up on a whole different level. You have to admire what these women go through in the name of love and show business. We certainly do, which is why we’ve ended up watching the latest season at least twice already. It’s not just a guilty pleasure. You can also learn a lot from watching how the Basketball Wives interact. What’s your favorite life lesson from the show? Let us know with a comment.

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