Five Life Lessons the Show “Street Outlaws” Teaches Us

It could be argued that enough people have watched the show Street Outlaws to make it worthy of discussion but at the same time a lot of folks know nothing about it since the whole idea seems like a live version of the Fast & Furious franchise, only with a lot of people that are only known locally and through the show. This kind of life is idolized by a lot of people for its freedom and very real risk factor, but there are still those that decide to take a look from the outside and realize that there are lessons to be learned from this type of show despite the allure it provides. It is reality TV after all and as we’ve already known for a while reality TV is probably the least real TV on the tube these days. But that being said, street racing is very real, and so are the consequences that can come from it if one isn’t paying attention.

Here’s a few lessons we might have learned from the show.

5. You can lose your license if you’re caught street racing.

A lot of these should qualify as ‘duh’ moments for many people that use that big lump of clay we call a brain but there are those that think they’re smarter than the cops and are able to get away with things simply because people on the show do. It’s not a lock to lose your license the first time you’re caught, but if you persist in this kind of behavior then it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you keep getting caught that you’ll find yourself in front of a judge that doesn’t care for excuses and will yank your license away without any further ado. Street racing is still frowned upon by a lot of people throughout the country due to its rather suspect nature.

4. Street racing is technically illegal.

What they do on the show is technically legal since they’ve been given permission to block off the streets and conduct their races in this manner. So really the ‘outlaw’ part of this show is name only since despite the overall feel of the guys participating in the race, they’re still following the rules and abiding by the laws that are handed down. In real life it’s not at all legal for people who aren’t given permission by the city to block off roadways and drag race a quarter mile through the city or down whatever strip they choose as their raceway. There have even been a couple of city’s that, during the show, decided to remove said permission since they didn’t like the message the show was sending.

3. You can lose more than your license for street racing.

Losing your license is one thing and that alone can be kind of inconvenient for many people since driving is a way of life for some. But losing your job is also a big possibility since there are still people out there that don’t want to be associated with anyone that has any kind of criminal behavior attached to their person. While street racing isn’t drug smuggling or even classified as gang activity it’s still illegal and it can still be used to damage the reputation of an upstanding business. So to be honest if you’re a street racer and trying to work for a respectable business don’t be too surprised if they take a dim view of your nighttime escapades and start looking for the next in line to fill your spot.

2. Racers will always find ways to compete.

In some ways a lot of people might be disappointed if racers just gave up and went away. There’s always going to be some criminal, outlaw element in society as it creates a healthy balance that we live with on a continual basis. It might not be amenable to the thinking of some people but it’s what helps civilization to exist and to thrive in many ways. That being said racers being the outlaws they are are going to take the freedoms they have and find ways to do with them what they will, meaning they’re going to find a place to race no matter if they have to travel far and wide to do it.

1. It’s a dangerous activity that can be quite fatal.

It might sound a bit melodramatic but people have in fact lost their lives during street races and therefore it’s not the best activity to participate in if you want to live to a ripe old age. This is the kind of racing that people do to feel alive and to feel as though it’s their world and no one else’s, but the price to pay is sometimes a little stiff and can be quite fatal if a person isn’t ready to pay it.

Street racing isn’t the worst criminal offense in the country, but it’s a calculated risk that people need to think about before taking on.

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