Five MCU Character Costumes That Need Improvement

Saying that an MCU hero’s outfit needs to change is an old argument that’s been ongoing since the MCU started up really since despite the great design of Iron Man a lot of fanboys still had their own arguments to make concerning the suit. This was actually before Tony went out and kept making new suits, so the idea of toning it down was a great notion but given that a lot of rabid fans are kind of incapable of this it wasn’t too hard to think that they’d be all over it in a heartbeat wondering where this or that suit was and so on and so forth. But when it comes to the other iconic Marvel heroes there are a few things that could be and hopefully will be improved in the movies to come since they could a long way towards making these heroes look a little more impressive while keeping them practical at the same time. Of course it’s also hard to say when we’ll see a few of them so it’s likely that the costume change might be kind of a wish rather than a suggestion considering that the MCU lineup is bound to change eventually.

With that said, here are a few costumes that could due with a change.

5. Gamora

As the deadliest woman in the universe, galaxy, whatever, Gamora is well aware of how to fight and thus she’s also well aware of how a good defense can aid any fighter, which is why in some versions she’s actually shown wearing armor. It might be lighter or at least thinner than most others but it’s something that keeps her protected and, from a marketing standpoint, can still be alluring since this is one of her charms. In the movies however showing her figure appears to be a little more important than keeping her protected, thus the more skin that’s showing, the more excited the fans get. That’s kind of how it goes.

4. Scarlet Witch

Talking about showing skin, it’s kind of fortunate that the Scarlet Witch costume from the comics wasn’t used, or parents might have had a fit with this particular character. But seeing as how she’s going to be starring in a Doctor Stranger movie it might be nice to see about finding her a tiara that somewhat matches her old costume without having to make it too obvious. Perhaps something that can be rested on top of her head without having to frame her face, and a costume that’s functional but not too revealing, something along the lines of what a female version of Strange would wear perhaps.

3. Thor

Thor has actually had a few costume changes throughout the years in the comics so as long as they stay away from the midriff-baring 90s version people might actually be open to a lot of ideas. Really, the 90s outfit was some kind of terrible as chiseled abs and half-shirts were the thing back then for some reason. But a King Thor outfit might not be out of the question even though he’s already relinquished his title in Endgame. Something other than the clothing he was wearing in Endgame would be nice, and to be certain a good suit of armor that’s non-restricting would probably look kind of impressive.

2. Hawkeye

Hawkeye has really been more tactical than anything and it’s worked so far since his outfits have allowed him to move freely and just be a part of the landscape. Hopefully any future outfits, if he’s still used in the movies, won’t revert to his purple chainmail and mask. But the Ronin outfit was actually quite interesting as it gave him a different look and was capable of inspiring fear in those he was going after. Perhaps something between Ronin and his tactical gear would be the trick since otherwise he really doesn’t need a lot when it comes to his costumes, other than function since archers tend to need a little more freedom of movement.

1. War Machine

It’s hard to say what could be improved with War Machine, largely because he’s a walking weapon and has so many different options when it comes to messing enemies up. But given the ideas that Tony came up with for his own suit one might think that he’d be able to do the same for Rhodes and grant him extra abilities with his suit that might make it a bit easier for him to get around and to take down the enemy. In a way this is Tony being a little ignorant of others’ needs but it’s also a limitation of War Machine since he’s basically the metal suit with an impressive array of weaponry whereas Tony had the upgraded version and never passed it along.

Those are just a few changes that could be made, it’d be great to think that others might think of a few more.

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