Five Movie Characters That Need Their Own Funko Pop Figure

If you’re a Funko fan and you know, open your wallet. The popularity of Funko Pop figures has grown excessively and that means more iconic characters from pop culture will soon get their own figure. I have already tackled some video game characters that should get their own Funko Pop figure, and now it’s time to explore the realm of movies.

Movie characters dominate Pop figure toy line, but honestly, we need more. There are so many popular movie characters with no Pop figure of their own and it’s almost tragic. As collectors, we need more, and as movie fans, we need our favorite movie characters in the forms of Pop figures.  Okay, that’s enough geeking out. Pay attention, movie fans, because I’m about to reveal the five movie characters that need their own Pop figure.

5. Calvin J. Candie (Django Unchained)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as the charismatic racist, Calvin J. Candie, was plain awesome. He was a slightly exaggerated, over-the-top, and flamboyant ranch owner with some killer facial hair. When he didn’t have his hammer, he was usually seen with a cigarette holder, giving a very pompous smirk to go with it. Just imagine all of this in the form of a Pop figure. His figure could come in more than one form, including a casual one and one where he has his hammer and blood on his hand. To put it short, he’s just that flashy kind of character that would look perfect for a Pop figure. He’ll be our own little bright boy.

4. Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

Speaking of flamboyant, remember Tyler Durden from Fight Club? This character had the most outlandish fashion sense and had a serious penchant for smoking. From his red sunglasses and leather jacket, to his insanely big fur coat, Tyler just couldn’t stop himself from trying out new looks. This is the kind of character that just can’t have one or even two of his own Pop figures. Tyler constantly changed his appearance, giving the Funko designers something to seriously play with. If they run out of fashion ideas for him, then all they need to do is watch his fighting scenes.

When Tyler partook in the fighting of his own Fight Club, he entered the room shirtless and incredibly cut. When he won his fights, he stood victorious with blood dripping down his face. No matter what form he takes in a Pop figure, he just needs that small amount of blood. How else can you possibly make Brad Pitt look more like a macho man?

3. Daniel Plainview (There Will Be Blood)

Daniel Day-Lewis has made a habit out of physically transforming himself for roles. For his role of Daniel Plainview, all he really needed was that super thick mustache. You take that off, and he’ll probably look like regular Daniel Day-Lewis. If that’s not enough, just watch his performance and look at his crazy eye. Man, oh man, is it really something. A mustache by itself can make a man look cooler and it’s no exception for Pop figures.

Daniel Plainview is a character with many forms. Although he always has his awesome mustache, he changes his appearance throughout the film. There are times he’s covered in oil and has a pipe in his mouth, or he can be perfectly clean with a pipe in his mouth.  There’s something about that look that just screams triumphant. Plainview was indeed a ruthless businessman, but he was unbreakably determined. A Pop figure of him standing proudly, covered in oil, and with a pipe in his mouth would be one pretty sight.

Fans of the movie can look back at the ending scene, which involved a bowling pin and a corpse. This was also when Plainview was older, and he had a much more scruffy look. However, he still kept that iconic mustache. The best thing Funko did was add facial hair to their Pop figures. Since Daniel Plainview’s got the best mustache, give us that Funko Pop of him soon.

2. Terence Fletcher (Whiplash)

Terence Fletcher from Whiplash really doesn’t have much going for him in appearance. He’s a bald, middle-aged man who usually dresses in a plain black t-shirt and black pants. The most distinctive thing about his appearance was his frequent rage face. For most of the movie, he was either seen yelling or talking passive aggressively with a less-angry face.

Several Pop figures show an angry face that is noticeable by their twitching eyebrows. If a Pop figure has those kind of eyebrows on them, then they are probably a character with anger issues. Fletcher fits that bill to perfection, which would show a lot in his (hopefully) future Funko Pop figure. He can have drumsticks in his hand or a book of music notes, but he just needs that little angry face. Since he’s middle aged, the wrinkles would be the final touch, giving him that “angry old man” look. If there’s no J. Jonah Jameson Pop figure, we’ll take Terence Fletcher.

1. Bill “The Butcher” Cutting (Gangs of New York)

Daniel Planview isn’t the only Daniel Day-Lewis character that needs his own Pop Figure. Bill “The Butcher” Cutting is one of his most iconic roles and has an even more macho-looking mustache than Daniel Planiew’s. This character dominated the screen as the bad guy in Gangs of New York, taking on many appearances. From his gang leader uniform, to his typical butcher attire, Bill “The Butcher” never looked the same, although he always had that mustache.

Since he was an actual butcher, he always carried knives, something that would serve him well in combat as well as the shop. A Pop figure with his mustache and his knives is just a recipe for one epic-looking figure. Add in the angry eyebrows and maybe that top hat, and we got ourselves a unique figure on top of it. Heck, if they want to throw in some blood on the face, we’ll take that too, but as long as he’s got that mustache and two butcher knives, he’s got our money.

There you go, movie fans, those are the top five movie characters that need their own Funko Pop figure. Funko is always getting to work on the next wave of Pop figures, so for now, the name of the game is patience. What other movie characters do you think deserve a Funko Pop figure?

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