Five Movies Coming Out in 2021 That We Can’t Wait To See

Avatar 2

We already know about a few movies that are coming out in the next couple of years and while we’re bound to get excited about hem and expect them to be great it’s also wise to be a bit pensive about others. For instance the next Suicide Squad movie already seems to have a lot of hype building as it begins to try and make up for the movie that was already released, and the next Jurassic World movie seems to be trying to gain some ground after the sequel kind of failed to live up to the first one. But while there are movies that some folks are already criticizing there are others that seem to be prepping for that moment when the audience will gasp and stare in disbelief and wonder at what they’re about to behold. Some of the movies on this list might not be gaining the full agreement of the people at the moment but they’ve certainly gained enough attention to be worth of anticipation since they either represent a desire to see the continuation or the rebirth of ideas that we happened to enjoy in the past.

Here are a few movies that we’re anticipating for 2021.

5. The Batman

So obviously we all know by now that Batman and Bruce Wayne won’t be glittering like diamonds when the sunlight strikes them, but it’s still an image that manages to worm its way into our heads since Robert Pattinson will be the next dark knight and it’s uncertain how some of us feel about that. Considering that at least half of the men that have put on the suit have struck out in some way the expectations aren’t insanely high, but there is some hope from many that he’ll prove to be the next great hope, despite the fact that this movie will be going through a younger period in Batman’s life. I hate to say it, but it might be time for the dark knight to finally pass the torch as was done in Christopher Nolan’s version.

4. Masters of the Universe

Your mind just flashed back to the dumpster fire that starred Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella didn’t it? Well given how much time has passed since that walking train wreck and today it’s fair to say that the effects will be a lot better and hopefully so will the acting. As far as a story line there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot that we can tell at this time, but given that it’s He-Man you already know that he’ll be fighting against Skeletor and possibly trying to stop him from taking over Castle Grayskull. It does appear that there’s a rumor that She-Ra could show up as well, but we’ll have to wait and see what might happen.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

This could be exciting if Chris Hemsworth stays on with the MCU since by the end of Endgame Thor had joined the Guardians and was on his way to another adventure. Plus it seems as though this could be Star Lord’s last journey with the MCU if the rumors are true, and it could mean a serious shift in the universe as the Guardians would have to change things up a bit. Given that the group has gone through a few members in the comics it’s not hard to think that it would be easy enough to fit into the MCU in a way that people might enjoy, but if that’s the case then the third volume would have to be epic.

2. John Wick 4

This story has gone from revenge to all out war as John Wick has taken on some of the toughest combatants and ran through a small army of assassins in his attempt to stay alive. The fact that he’s been beaten up so severely and almost killed should mean that he’s done and just wants to make his way into hiding where he can recuperate and live out the rest of his life, but of course that’s not the John Wick way. Instead you can imagine that he and the Bowery King are going to rise up from their own puddle of blood and remind the entire organization just why the boogeyman might check his closet and under his bed for any signs of John Wick.

1. Avatar 2

A return of the humans seems like it could be a driving force behind this movie, but then again there’s likely a lot on Pandora that’s not always at rest, and Jake’s inclusion into the Na’vi could be a little more problematic than we were thinking. Plus, there’s rumor that a villain we didn’t think to see again could be coming back since Stephen Lang has been announced as part of the cast. So despite what we think we know about this movie there’s still a lot that we’re having to guess about.

2020 is going to be a busy year, but 2021 is already sounding as though it’s leading towards epic status.

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