Five Movies You Completely Forgot Ridley Scott Directed

Ridley Scott is so well known for movies like Blade Runner and the Alien franchise that sometimes it’s hard to remember that he’s done a great number of movies that you don’t ever think about attributing to his name. Now some film buffs might know the films below and might know very well who directed them, but the chances are good that a lot of people will not. The casual movie fan will after all know what the story is about and who the actors were, but the director is someone that has to be front and center most of the time for people to really understand whether a movie is their work or not. And with Scott the style of each movie he’s made is so inherently different that it’s tough to tell at times.

But here are five movies you might not have known that he made.

5. Matchstick Men

If you think Nicolas Cage is twitchy and unpredictable in other movies you’ve seen nothing yet. This film went largely unnoticed by a lot of people and yet it was something kind of special since it was that good. It was more of a ground-level success than most of Ridley’s films that have been absolute blockbusters, but the acting was sound enough and the story was intriguing enough to enjoy.

4. Thelma & Louise

It’s safe to say that no one forgot about this movie but that a lot of people forgot who directed it. Thelma & Louise is all about two women that go on a long, much-needed romp from their ordinary lives and wind up getting themselves into a whole heap of trouble. By the end it becomes necessary to just do anything and everything to survive, even if it means taking that last, breathtaking leap.

3. G.I.Jane

G.I. Jane was kind of a here and gone movie. It raised kind of a stir when it came out, almost as much as Striptease did really, but once it was out of the theaters that same buzz started to die down as though by definition the movie was no longer worth talking about. The film raises some interesting questions about women in the military, many of which are still being answered.

2. Legend

Many a fan should remember this classic from what seems like a long, long time ago. Tom Cruise was still a young man and Tim Curry was still able to rock his way onscreen any time he felt like it. This was around the time when Ridley Scott was really getting to be well known thanks to his movies and his continuing stint with the elements of light and darkness in his films.

1. Robin Hood

This is one of the latest takes on the Robin Hood legend and while it didn’t do too well at the box office it was an interesting look at how Robin was a lot less noble than he’s been portrayed in past films. Instead of being a rich man’s son that joined the Crusades he was common soldier that ended up becoming a leader and a legend by accident.

Ridley Scott has directed a lot of movies, and not all of them are quite the same.

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