Five Movies from The Noughties You Had to See in the Theater

Avatar 2

There are just some movies that need to be seen in the theater in order to get the full effect since to be fair their effects lose a little something without a proper sound system or a big screen to show every little detail. The amount of time and effort that are put into many movies deserve a big screen appearance in a lot of cases, but there are those movies that are possibly better on a home TV and some that really don’t need the big screen treatment. For some of them however the experience really needs to be up in your face and as aggressive as possible to make it even more special and to give it a chance to stick with a person. In a way these movies are already great and remain so once they’ve left the big screen, but the experience of seeing them in all their glory on a big screen with masterful sound effect is second to none in the minds of many. Some people don’t care as they’ll gladly wait for the chance to get the movie cheaper and not spend nearly twenty dollars on a ticket, but these days one doesn’t need to worry about such things, though the chance to see some of the more recent movies in the theater would have been nice.

Here are some of the better movies that were best seen in the theater in the 2000s.

5. Inglorious Basterds

You definitely need to be a Tarantino fan for this one, much like many of his other movies, since it gets insanely bloody, goes racial, and does it all while appearing to expect to draw a smile on the faces of those that are watching, which it does in fact. Anyone that could take it to the Nazis in the manner that these guys did is looked up to and revered in a way that is hard to miss. The violence and bloodshed in this movie is about what you’d expect from Tarantino, meaning that it’s over the top in some ways and not quite that bad in others, but at the core of the story is something that a lot of people can get behind.

4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

You might wonder why I didn’t put the other movies that were better when it came to the overall story and effects, but it’s because this is what kicked them off and made them possible, and hooked people in when it came to the movies in the first place. If this movie hadn’t done that well it’s likely that those that followed might not have seen as much of a return as they did. Harry Potter became a worldwide phenomenon before the movies to be fair and realistic, but his appearance on the big screen cemented him as something of a superstar and someone that would be revered long after his time in the movies was over.

3. The Dark Knight

Why was this movie so much greater than the first one? You’re looking at him. The Joker has been Batman’s biggest nemesis for so long that Ra’s Al Ghul, great and dangerous as he is, wasn’t really what people were expecting. But as an origin story the first movie was good enough to bring Bruce in and show his transformation into the Batman, while the second movie gave him his most iconic villain of all time. Plus, before Heath Ledger, the best Joker we’d seen on screen was Jack Nicholson, and while he did the part proud and was great in his own right, Heath Ledger took this role to a new height that was beyond anything that people expected.

2. The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Personally, all three of the LOTR movies deserved to be watched in the theater since they were powerful, gripping, and so well done that watching them on TV instead of the big screen would be kind of regretful since a person would miss out on the whole feeling of watching an oncoming army rush the field in order to assert their dominance, or a duel between two wizards played out on the big screen in all its glory. This is the movie that had the ability to get people to come back for the next one and the one after that, though it was kind of amusing to hear the moans and groans of the audience when the first movie began to roll credits.

1. Avatar

I could go into the sweeping vistas, the powerful imagery, and the special effects that created an entire planet and interconnected world that brought Pandora to life, but if you’ve seen the movie then you already know. The reason for seeing this in the theater was to feel the power conveyed by the images and to in turn feel a little more empowered by the time you left. It’s a feeling that might have faded too quickly, but it was a rush that a lot of people remember.

Sometimes there’s no replacing the theater experience.

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