Five Movies That Now Have Their Own Holidays

Some of you might be looking at this article funny but if you go online and look you’ll find that there are some movies that actually have their own special day, call it a holiday if you want, when it comes to when they came out and how people reacted. For some it makes a lot of sense, but for others it might be just a ‘what if’ situation that people don’t really want to contemplate but are entertained by all the same. It’s best to remember that movies are an expression of the world no matter how fantastical and unreal they are. Every bit of artistic expression has a basis in the real world in some way.

Where do you think people get their ideas in the first place?

5. Back to the Future II-Oct. 21st

If you can recall this was when Marty McFly went to the future, 2015 to be exact. We’re still waiting on those hoverboards, flying cars, and the sneakers that automatically tighten themselves, but we didn’t have to wait long until the Cubs won the World Series again, since it happened not too long after the movie said it would. But around October and throughout the rest of the year this movie is constantly being played almost as an homage to the entire series.

4. Mean Girls-Oct. 3rd

This movie has become something of a national treasure somehow when it almost seemed destined to be labeled as another teen movie and tossed in the same bin where they all end up. With this film however a few actresses seemed to have punched their ticket to the big time and really gone on to gain a lot public renown and fame. And as of now the movie has inspired a play and is still watched by those that came to love every last character.

3. Star Wars-May 4th

This lends itself to a lot of different memes and posts that people think are cute and funny. May the 4th be with you is one of the favorites that people love to say on this day. Even now after the original movies have been out for so long people love to take the time to quote this meme over and over. It doesn’t get old unless you’re not a Star Wars fan or are a diehard Trekkie. After all, aside from December it’s the one time that Star Wars seems to dominate.

2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day-August 29th

It was on this day in 1997 that Skynet became self-aware, which in movie parlance means that had this been the real world we’d all be dead and little more than ash and dust by now. The troubling part of this is with the continuing advances in AI you really have to wonder how far off the movie is when it comes to AI deciding that we’re no longer relevant and just taking control like they do in the movie. Okay, enough ranting.

1. The Purge-March 21st 

So if as it says in the movie that by 2023 there have been six purges, that would mean that our country would have been sanctioning this act for at least two years by now. That’s just flat out scary since some people would likely vote this in.

Thankfully movie holidays are just about observing the films that have been dubbed as important because of these days.

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