Five Movies That Were Made Too Late to Be Relevant

Some movies just kind of missed the train so to speak and attempted to latch onto the caboose on the way past. Okay, so my analogies are a little dated, but the point is that some movies really didn’t come out when they needed to and the relevance they were going for had passed them by a while before they were actually released. There are those times when a movie can come out and still grab hold of a bit of greatness before being relegated to the shelves in a quick and decisive manner, but these movies really didn’t even get that since the moment they came out, save for one of them, they were almost entirely forgotten. The sad part is that a couple of them might have been great and been real contenders if they’d been released a lot sooner and had been allowed to reside in the mix of okay to great movies that were out at the same time and were soaking up the attention from the audience. But seeing as how these came out on their own time and still tried to make it on a budget that was kind of hard to justify, it’s not too to realize why they didn’t take off. Again, the number one entry is still kind of in limbo, but as of now, it’s still too little too late to be relevant. Here’s hoping that the fan response will be able to justify holding it back for so long.

Here are several movies that missed the relevance train in a big way.

5. John Carter

There are a lot of people that would admit that this isn’t the worst movie ever made, but a lot of people would also agree that it came out after some of the biggest Scifi and fantasy movies and tried to do its own thing in a time when people were already impressed and a little fatigued and needing a break. Unfortunately what this meant for John Carter was that despite being a decent movie, it wasn’t bound to get the same attention that Star Wars and Star Trek and Marvel movies received since it had come late to the table and was able to pick up whatever scraps of attention were left behind.

4. Slender Man

It’s too bad that this didn’t work as well as it could have since the story itself is pretty creepy and should have been able to scare the pants off of a lot of people. But Slender Man became a bigger sensation on social media before the movie ever came out and unfortunately that tended to steal a lot of the thunder that this movie might have drummed up. Plus, a scary monster in the woods isn’t exactly something new that people haven’t seen before, and without ramping things up to a solid 12 to 13 this movie had no chance of really catching hold since it barely lived up to the social media posts that were being spread around before it became a movie.

3. Wing Commander

Does anyone even remember this game that came out in 1990 but was somehow flipped around to make a movie that was all about Scifi cliches and very little about the actual game itself? No? Don’t feel too bad, this came out during a time when Scifi was still hot but was also being dominated by other franchises, which made it obvious that this movie wasn’t bound to shine unless everyone else fell flat on their face at the same time. Given the fact that it didn’t happen it tried to bank on the popularity of its cast, but even that wasn’t really able to kick it up a notch since Freddie Prinze Jr., Matthew Lillard, and Saffron Burrows were nice to watch, but kind of hard to watch when they were acting.

2. Doom

The movie had Dwayne Johnson…that should have been one of the only things it really needed, but it also had Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike, who were both noted actors but had yet to gain the notoriety they have as of now. But somehow, someway, this movie just didn’t resonate with a lot of fans, and if anyone’s up on Doom, the fans are about as picky as any other fan base, but not so much that they’re willing to petition to throw a movie out when they don’t like it. Yet for all that, this is one of those movies that didn’t just miss the train, it had to be actively searched for if a person wanted to watch it.

1. Black Widow

It’s kind of saddening that this movie hasn’t even been released yet and it’s already lost its relevance. Fans might be excited to see it still, but the fact remains that Black Widow should have received her movie a while ago, before Infinity War and definitely before Endgame. But for one reason or another, the MCU just wasn’t ready to push this idea and now we have a nostalgic look at a character that won’t be coming back since she was killed pre-Snap, meaning she’s gone without a way to bring her back, other than time travel. Don’t do it Marvel, you’ve made a big enough mess just killing her off.

Timing is everything after all.

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