Five Movies to Watch If You Liked The Conjuring Films


The Conjuring films have taken a lot of people and convinced them that the Warrens, Ed and Lorraine, were telling the absolute truth when it came to the cases they’d dealt with over the years. While there’s been controversy as of late concerning just what really happened and what the Warrens said happened the truth is that there are some scary and downright horrifying things that lie just beyond human perception, but the movies tend to make a bigger deal of them than they might actually be. That being said though there are a lot of movies that a person might enjoy if they found the Conjuring movies to be something fun to jump at in the theater. There are an untold number of horror movies out there, but while some get laughed at for cheesy effects some are genuinely capable of delivering a shock to your system that is anything but pleasant.

Here are a few movies you might like if you enjoyed The Conjuring.

5. The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Witchcraft is something that often gets a bad name in the movies since it’s considered to be nothing but evil. Many will gladly tell you that it’s not meant for evil as a rule, but in this movie there’s no denying that what was done to Jane Doe is horribly and unspeakably evil. The only problem is that once the two morticians begin their examination the curse that was laid upon her, that essentially gives her this power, is unleashed and the two men begin to experience strange and unsettling phenomena that eventually lead to their doom as one of them is maimed in the same way the corpse was while the other falls to his death. Don’t mess with witchcraft seems to be the lesson.

4. Sinister

This movie didn’t really seem to resonate with some people but it could be due to the fact that it doesn’t move as fast or with as much boldness as other movies. But it’s plenty scary in its own right since the spirit that is causing the deaths of so many families isn’t just content to take the children of said families, but also has them film the demise of each family in turn. When a writer gets a hold of these films he falls headlong into the same trap that others before him have done, and in doing so comes to realize that once you’re in, there’s no getting out again. Sometimes it’s best to just leave things alone.

3. The Curse of La Llorana

Spirits that come back again and again to claim children for one reason or another are particularly vindictive it would seem since they don’t tend to stop and they don’t seem to care about people begging them to leave their children be. There are many ways to combat or protect against a malevolent spirit, but in the movies, as we see it often, there are just as many ways for the spirit to get around such protections and attack anyway. One line of defense is usually not good enough and as it’s been shown in the movies it usually takes getting up close and personal with the spirit in order to destroy them.

2. Paranormal Activity

A lot of people didn’t like this movie because of how it depicted witchcraft in the following films, but before that controversy arose this was one of the scariest and most anticipated movies to hit the theaters. It’s scary enough to think about spirits and other beings, but when the supernatural actually manifests itself in a way that makes it appear to be watching, studying, and even hovering near those that are largely ignorant of it one might think that there’s little if any privacy or safety to be had in this world. If nothing else, this movie made people really think about what they might be sharing their homes with.

1. Insidious

Sometimes it’s not the house that’s haunted, it’s the person. That’s the creepy part of this movie since no matter where the family went they would continue to take the invading spirits with them since their son was acting as a conduit to the spirit world that was seen as open access to some beings. The only downside of it all is that he’s not the only one, as his father passed this down to him, meaning that his father had the quality as well. A lot of people would agree that a haunted house is horrifying and hard to simply move away from, but a haunted person would be so much worse since no one wants to simply ostracize a family member, and the removal of this affliction might not be possible.

The Conjuring is without a doubt one of the best horror movies to come along in a while, but many others also have merit.

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