Five Movies That Truly Capture the Culture of Las Vegas

The lights, the glamour, the noise, the people, all of it contributes to the overall scene, sounds, and sights of the casino experience. If you can’t take a single aspect of the larger picture then it might be better to stay out of Las Vegas, Sin City, Glitter Gulch, or whatever name you want to know it by. Or if you like, perhaps it’d be better if you take in a show or just walk the Strip and steer clear of the casinos. Las Vegas is a town filled with culture, but it’s wise to take care what aspects of it you engage in. Take the wrong turn in Sin City and the wrong culture might just try to bury you. Keep in mind there’s a very large sandbox in every direction out of Vegas.

Otherwise, tuck in and have some fun in the City of Lights.

5. Casino

Vegas is a bright city built, run by, and made of money. It’s an amazing place if you can follow the rules and stay out of trouble. But one thing you should always remember is that whatever casino you might wander into, the house always wins. If it doesn’t and you’re suspected of any foul play at the tables then expect to be visited by one of the employees asking how you’re doing and would you please go with them. Enjoy the city, but from a safe perspective.

4. 21

This needs to be said over and over it appears since Hollywood loves to flirt with danger and make it glamorous. Don’t cheat the house, don’t take its money, and if you do win expect people to be suspicious. Vegas is a giant gaming table on which the odds are continually stacked against everyone but the casinos. They’re there to make money, not lose it. And counting cards? They have specialists to watch for this now, so you either need to be better than they are, or smart enough not to do it.

3. Vegas Vacation

The family version of Vegas is actually quite nice. There are a lot of things to see, tourist attractions that can occupy your time and save you money, and distractions that can make your stay enjoyable without breaking the bank. Don’t be a Clark Griswold though, climbing the Hoover dam is not a recommended activity when in Vegas. And whatever you do, keep your debit card with someone that has a level head when it comes to gambling.

2. Next

The bright lights of Vegas are pretty to look at and can be found inside and outside the casinos. But don’t mistake that big black eye in the sky for another decoration. Those cameras are there for a reason and they’re being monitored constantly by experts and security that are on the lookout for anyone that might seem to be winning too often or somehow outfoxing the dealers. Play fair and pray for a lucky break, because they’re always watching.

1. Ocean’s Eleven

Luck is something that favors everyone and no one at the same time. The Lady does enjoy taking a new dance partner every so often and when she tires of you she’ll move onto the next individual and your luck will change that quickly. It’s a pleasing euphemism really considering the uncertainties that Vegas comes with. One moment you’re up, the next you’re down over $160 million dollars. What’s the matter Benedict, you weren’t watching?

The Las Vegas culture is a very beautiful and impressive thing, but it can turn on a person in the blink of an eye if you’re not watching. Lady Luck only smiles so often on the same person.


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