Five Movies That Truly Tackle the Subject of Bullying

Some movies tackle the issue of bullying far better than real life ever could. Ever hear your parents say ‘just walk away from a bully and they’ll leave you alone’? Yeah, me too. Did it ever work? Nope, not really. It just made the bully realize that you can be picked on relentlessly over and over again. Weak targets tend to not hit back and can usually be relied upon for a response. In movies as in life bullies are usually relentless and have something in their lives that makes them this way, be it a miserable home life or some other circumstance that makes they believe it’s okay to lash out at others without consequences. In fact the only way that bullies seem to ever be taught that people aren’t targets is by being sat on their butt or by losing everything they care about.

In other words, the only real way to hurt a bully is to make them understand the way you’re feeling, no matter what form that might take.

5. The Karate Kid

It’s strange but there are actually arguments that state how Daniel is the bully and Johnny is the victim. That’s kind of hard to see since Daniel is usually on the receiving end of the abuse. Sure Daniel’s not perfect and kind of picks a fight at the wrong moment but for the most part he’s so outclassed that the Cobra Kai should be able to laugh him off. Continually targeting him just tends to make people want to see him rough them up a bit.

4. Mean Girls

Regina is the epitome of a mean girl. She has no compassion and no regard for other people. It’s her way or nothing, and if anyone has a thought of their own around her then they’ll be subject to the worst kind of scrutiny that anyone could possibly endure. You kind of want to believe that girls like her don’t exist, but the sad thing is that there are thousands upon thousands of Regina’s across the world.

3. Billy Madison

The O’Doyle clan seems to be too big to give a retaliatory beating to, but it’s possible to think that karma would be playing a nice big trick on them at some point in the movie. Of course Sandler’s movies tend to take karma to the absolute limit when the entire O’Doyle family runs off the road and, as Billy states, goes down. Yeah, just a little bit of overkill on this one.

2. A Christmas Story

Ever notice how if Scut grabbed one of the kids the others just cut and run and didn’t even think about helping their friend? Granted Scut was big and he had a little toady that would help him out, but a three on two fight is usually going to favor the three unless the three in question are little scrawny boys that know how to run better than they know how to fight. At least Ralphie came through eventually, albeit in a fit of rage.

1. Carrie

This has to be one of the most messed up cases of bullying in the movies. A young woman gets her period for the first time and instead of helping her out the other girls in the locker room throw tampons at her and start chanting ‘plug it up’. Yeah, the payback in this one might have been over the top but it was a long time coming.

Bullies are usually only tough until they get hit in one way or another.

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