Five Movies You Thought Were Good But Got Worse With Each Rewatch

Sometimes we remember movies a little differently than they actually were, and expect them to be just as great as we recall when we go to watch them again. Obviously nothing’s changed and nothing will, except our perception. Admit it, when you walk into a movie you’re jazzed to see it, to be entertained by the actors and the story, and in many cases one might not even care about the glaring plot holes that are to be found or the strange way that the story doesn’t really follow the book if it was based on a written novel, to begin with. You might not even pay much attention to other things that don’t make sense considering that you’re there to be entertained and don’t want to think about anything that’s going to ruin your entertainment buzz. But once you’ve watched a movie the first time and liked it, there’s a good chance that going back to it is going to prove to be a disappointment largely because there might have been things you missed the first time around and as a result, you’ll see them now since you’re not so amped up and ready to be amazed. It does take the wind out of a person’s sails when a movie isn’t as good the second or third time around, but it does happen.

Here are a few movies that tend to get worse with each viewing even if people enjoyed them the first time.

5. Rambo: First Blood

It’s hard to put this one on the list since it’s a great movie and is still considered a classic, but there are a lot of glaring holes in the movie that are easy to point out once a person really thinks about it. For one, the mere fact that Teasle is such a pain in the backside to Rambo to begin with is a little overkill. After that, the mess at the police station when the deputies attempt to clean and then shave Rambo is taken way too far, since not a lot of police stations use a fire hose to wash off someone that’s been charged with vagrancy. And to top it off, one has to wonder where in the hell the cops are when Rambo starts wreaking havoc in town.

4. Jurassic Park

Bringing back creatures that are mean, tough, and have no earthly reason for being here any longer is just a poor idea from the start and born of hubris of the sort that would shame even the Persian empire from 300. But somehow John Hammond becomes the misguided rich guy that has to watch as his dream shatters thanks to the evil machinations of an annoying hacker, which is a nice way of saying he got off easy for playing the role of God in his own little paradise. In a way, this is almost like a really messed-up version of Willy Wonka meets The Island of Dr. Moreau. Just think about that for a while.

3. It (Chapters 1 & 2)

One thing that never really made a lot of sense was that the creature, Pennywise, needed people to be afraid of it, since this gave the creature power and made its meal a little tastier. Georgie might have been nervous and even a little bit afraid, but it would appear that the thing was just hungry since it didn’t take the time to scare Georgie out of his wits to take him later. But with the rest of the Losers, even one on one, it couldn’t just take a single one of them at any given time for some reason. Plus, like always, the fact that an ancient being could be undone by being out-bullied is, well, kind of embarrassing.

2. Last Man Standing

This Bruce Willis-led version wasn’t the best movie in the world but it was packed with action and just enough drama to be interesting since it wasn’t exactly meant to be Oscar material. But the more one watches it, the more one has to figure on why the two mob bosses didn’t eventually just look at each other and wax Willis’ character and then go back to hating each other, as he became a mutual enemy that was trying to make a buck and sticking it to both of them. Plus, the fact is that no matter how powerful those guns were in the movie, people flying all over the place after being shot was way over the top.

1. Life

These are intelligent people on this space station and somehow they don’t get the point that something that’s all brain and muscle is going to possibly be a threat? Plus, while the electroshock isn’t the worst thing that could be done to the alien, it’s likely that the scientists should have figured that anything that’s all muscle and brain would be able to feel pain acutely and might find it to be less than pleasant, and might take serious offense to it. In other words, a lot of this movie could have been avoided using that ever-elusive thing called common sense.

It kind of kills the moment, but finding plot holes can make a movie just a little worse.

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