Five New Reveals about Legion Season 2 To Get You Pumped

Why should we be pumped about season 2 of Legion? Well there are a lot of reasons really but if you’re a comic book fan then you might be able to pull out a hundred different reasons all on your own. The character is actually one of the more interesting personalities to come along in a long time and that’s saying something considering how hard Marvel has been pushing their heroes into the spotlight. The one thing about Legion however is that he’s not so much a hero as he is a truly disturbed individual. He has personalities aplenty in his head that could probably allow the show to play out for several seasons more if the writers and the directors saw fit to truly labor over this series and make it into something great.

So why should we be excited about Legion season 2? Here are just a reasons.

5. David has a lot more personalities that have yet to make a full appearance. 

Anyone that knows Legion at all from the comics knows that his head is just chock full of personalities. During his timeline in the comics he’s absorbed so many different personalities that wasn’t much of a surprise that he seemed so insanely unbalanced and ready to break at any moment. His mind has been a littered hallway of differing personalities that have been competing with one another for a long time.

4. The Shadow King is coming back.

You can’t have an antihero like Legion without having a seriously demented villain like the Shadow King. Even in the comics these have had a rough, rocky history that can’t be ignored. In the show it’s already been shown that the Shadow King is not the person you want to mess with even if you do possess superpowers like Legion. The back and forth between these two has just begun it feels like.

3. The issue of his dad should be something that crops up.

In the comics we all know that Professor X is David’s biological father. Unfortunately Charles never knew about David until much later in life, when David’s mind was already wrecked. Bringing him into this series might be a bit problematic honestly because it’s obvious that the story needs to be about David and not the X-Men in any way shape or form.

2. Changing the filming location might change the show a bit.

Some might think this an issue but instead it seems more like it would be a hint of continuity in how David’s world continually seems to shift and change. Legion is such a stunningly fluid character that the setting should never really be an issue, it should be how that setting is used that really sets the effect for the show.

1. Is David okay now?

That’s really a loaded question with this character. The term “okay” with David is something that is akin to a pinball coursing through a machine on its way to meet yet another disastrous roadblock or a path made for smooth sailing. Legion is never truly “okay” with the head full of issues that he has to deal with.

Ready for season 2?


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