Five New Things to Know About Stop The Hate: High School Youth Sing Out

It’s coming soon at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Rock Hall’s Klipsch Main Stage will host high school student performances of original songs. The students are from northeast Ohio, and they’ve been working with teaching artists. Students compete for the chance to win $5,000 for their own school. The Wednesday, December 13, 2017 event will be free and open to the public, and it will mark nine years of sharing positive, anti-hate music.

It’s no ordinary competition. The song themes give students the chance to tell the world exactly what they think and feel about drug abuse, bullying, racism, refugee crises, and plenty of other things on their minds. When the performers and the public arrive at Rock Hall, they’ll gather on the lobby level to make their way to the Klipsch Main Stage. From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, the venue will make it possible for students to open minds and hearts to issues that matter to them today. It’s huge.

1. Stop the Hate also sponsors an annual $100,000 Essay Contest.

That’s right! It’s open to Northeast Ohio 6th to 12th Graders. It’s called Stop the Hate Youth Speak Out and it’s designed to celebrate students who are committed to creating an inclusive, accepting society. It’s sponsored each year by the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage. Education designed to clear away cultural bias, honors and scholarships are all part of the contest. Students who are in 6th to 12th grade in the Ohio counties of Ashtabula, Wayne, Cuyahoga, Trumball, Geauga, Summit, Lake, Stark, Lorain, Portage, Mahoning, and Medina are eligible to apply. Students can attend charter, public, online, private, home, or religious schools. Students submit real-life essays not exceeding 500 words, which present creative ideas for making the world a more inclusive and accepting place. The 2018 deadlines for entries are January 5, 2018 for 6th to 10th graders, and January 19, 2018 for 11th and 12th graders. Electronic entries are preferred but students can mail or hand deliver their entries. All contest details are available at

2. Stop the Hate is a program of the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage.

The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage has a mission. It seeks to build bridges of understanding and tolerance among religions and races, and ethnic backgrounds and cultures. It is an educational resource for the communities of Northeast Ohio, and it seeks to introduce its visitors to “the beauty and diversity” of Jewish heritage within the American experience. The museum is located in Beachwood, Ohio, and features an ongoing array of exhibits, tours, classes, global artisan gifts for sale, and performing events.

3. Stop the Hate is sponsored by the Roots of American Music organization.

The Roots of American Music (ROAM) assists community partners to help them provide musical experiences for those they serve. There are many programs ROAM offers. ROAM create assemblies for schools, adult activity centers, libraries, after school programs, community groups and summer camps. ROAM provides for 8-week to year-long artist in residence programs at various sites. ROAM creates professional development opportunities through workshops and summer camps. ROAM supports a wide array of public events. ROAM’s Board of Directors and Advisory Council leverages skills provided by strategic partners such as the Fairmont School of Music to create community street jams, private instruction, and teaching artists who share their talents through innovative forums and events.

4. There’s a Middle School Youth Sing Out song competition, too.

The Stop the Hate: Youth Sing Out program also hosts middle school students from across northeast Ohio who have composed original songs while working with teaching artists. The themes parallel those of the high school competition and the winning middle school class also receives $5,000 for their school. This year’s event was held on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

5. Students will perform on the fabulous Klipsch Main Stage.

The Klipsch Main Stage is a result of a historic three-year partnership between Rock Hall and the American audio company Klipsch. Each year from 2015 to 2017, Klipsch has presented the Rock Hall’s Induction Ceremonies in the redesigned event hall. Klipsch products completely renovated the music experience within the event venue, but also were integrated throughout the museum to provide high-performance speakers, soundbars and headphones for visitors’ enjoyment. Klipsch’s legendary speakers have produced powerful listening for decades. Their reputation as America’s audio company solidified the partnership with Rock Hall. Now, professionals and students alike will perform with iconic sound equipment on the stage where Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees are honored.

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