Five Pivotal Moments from Ozark Season 2

The second season of the series “Ozark” is a continuation of the drama that is shown on Netflix streaming service and it’s filled with pivotal moments that will bring you to realizations about the plot. Perhaps you can see the writing on the wall, but maybe it’s just an illusion of what is actually to come. The crime drama that many find riveting while some critics feel less favorably about. You either love it or you don’t and there doesn’t seem to be a middle road of ambivalence. Justin Bateman in the role of Marty and Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde are about the dirty business of money laundering but the casino that they’ve built, however seamy, might provide a bit more legitimacy, even though they’re not on the up and up, it gives a half-hearted illusion and it’s a good cover for what they’re really up to. Here are five of the most important moments that move the drama forward.

1. The cartel threatens Mary’s family

This is a compelling scene that is short but it foreshadows the desperation that Marty feels about the threats to his family. With a clear and present danger looming over them, he’s faced with making a choice. The typical knee-jerk reaction is to cut and run. He’s not in a good position to protect his family and he knows it, so running and hiding in a place that will offer the most protection seems at the time, the most logical thing to do. This sets the stage for the rest of the season and it is a focal point until the dramatic conclusion. It sets up the rest of the episodes and we follow him and Wendy in their elaborate plans to take the kids and run. But are they really safer if they stay and comply or if they risk being tracked down and viciously murdered?

2. Marty and Rachel Say Goodbye

Fans have speculated about the relationship between Marty and Rachel. It has many of the earmarks of turning into a romantic relationship but the pivotal point that reveals the true nature of their feelings and association comes in two clips in this video. The first is when Marty pleads for her to be let go. His love and caring for her could be a bit confusing because it is obviously very deep. They toy with the idea of it being more than what it really is, but in the end, Marty tells Rachel goodbye. This is a defining moment that lets viewers know that it’s a mutually caring relationship based on respect, but it’s not one that involves true sexual or romantic desire.

3. Cade Kills Agent Petty

This is a big deal because Cade is trying to leverage a position with Agent Petty. When Petty calls him on his BS, he bashes him to death on top of a rock near the river. We see Cade at his worst in this scene and he’s definitely out of control. He no longer has the leverage that he once thought he possessed.

4. Wendy pleads with Mrs. Blake

Wendy makes a desperate plea for Mrs. Blake to abandon her plans to sue Charles Wilkes for the wrongful death of her husband. She attempts to convince her that Tim committed suicide because he was depressed. She offers her a million dollars and when confronted about the bribe, Wendy confesses that it is a buy off-but it would do a lot of good.

5. Gold Coast ending

Wendy makes the decision that she and Marty are not going to break from the cartel and run. They’re going to stay put because it would be more dangerous to leave and go on the run. This is a pivotal moment in the series that means they will continue to launder the money and carry on with their criminal activities. Wendy shows that she is smart and knows what she is doing, even though she’s in a really hard place in her life. Her choices are limited.

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