Five Pivotal Moments From The Seven Deadly Sins Season 3

The Netflix series “Seven Deadly Sins” Season 3 features several moments that have left fans waiting in anxious anticipation of the season finale. It’s packed with action as the deposed princess starts her journey to locate the now-defunct group of evil knights who can help her get back into her realm to battle the tyrants who have taken over her kingdom. There are five pivotal scenes in season 3 that are important in moving the plot along and they’re not only exciting for the viewers and build anticipation of what is to come, but they allow us a few clues on which to build our theories about the potential outcomes as the series moves along. Here are the 5 most important moments from “Seven Deadly Sins” Season 3 so far.

1. Season 3 Trailer

The season 3 trailer was the teaser that has had everyone pumped and excited for the Netflix new season 3 of the moving anime series. What are we going to find out about Melodias? Will the princess find the once vibrant and powerful but now disbanded evil Knights? Will they be able to help her get back to her realm where the evil tyrants are currently the ruling powers? The trailer doesn’t give us a lot of details but there is just enough to whet the appetite. This was a powerful trailer with excerpts that foreshadow the pivotal events which are to take place in the season to come.

2. The Seven Deadly Sins Scenes

The Seven Deadly Sins are revealed in depth. In a pivotal moment, one of the sins is revealed to be the sin of pride. The lion Sin Escanor is among the deadly sins and although there are a few who make light of the revelation, it actually is a pivotal moment in the story for this season. We see later that Melodias will come up against Escanor in a battle royale. One of the interesting things about the series is the use of humor that seems to be a hallmark in each scene that is intended to be serious. When someone pokes fun at something of this nature, like a deep and dark revelation or a portentous sign, you can bet that it’s going to be something of great importance on down the line. If you’re observant you can catch these subtle cues and keep an eye out to prove the theory in the episodes which are to come.

3. Melodias vs Escanor

The easy-going Meliodas changes when the black marks appear on his face. His connection to the demon clan is foreshadowed. Once he loses control of his demonic powers, he becomes very powerful and he loses all of his easy-going nature and his true nature takes over. When this happens, innocent people who around tend to get hurt. Is he coming into his own as the eldest son of the demon king? He’s not the young man that he appears to be, but rather is thousands of years in age.

4. Melodias gets his power back Season 3: Episode 11

This is one of the more important moments in the third season where Melodias gets his power back. it starts out a little boring, but that’s part of the beauty of the anime. It isn’t until the crystal breaks and the sky grows dark that we realize that this is a pivotal moment in the season that is a foreshadow of things which are to come. The darkness is actually Melodias power which had been released from the amber.

5. Meliodas VS Fraudrin Season 3: Episode 24

Fraudrin has the upper and when he’s getting ready to stomp them all, Melodias makes a surprise appearance. Fraudrin had assumed that Melodias was dead and in this pivotal scene the two engage in a full fight. This pivotal moment turns the tide and gives the others a fighting chance to move forward and accomplish their original goals. Fraudrin couldn’t have seen this coming and it makes the scene all the sweeter. In another twist of the plot, Melodias steps forward to reveal that it had been a clone of him fighting Fraudrin.

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