Five Possible (Hopeful) Arrow Spinoffs After the Series Concludes

There seem to be a few endings on the horizon as of late and it would seem that Arrow is now joining the group that will be fading off into the sunset eventually. It was announced that the 8th season of Arrow is going to be the last, and for a lot of fans there’s a big question mark at the moment as to what kind of spin-offs might be on the way once this show is all done and tucked away. You can easily imagine that that Arrow won’t be the last of it, only the beginning, since there are simply too many fans and too many people that desperately want to see something take the place of their favorite show and reignite their passion for the superhero genre, or keep it going. But it’s going to have to be something worthy, something that people are either used to and want to see more of, or at least something that’s going to keep them thinking about Arrow and how the show gave rise to yet another show.

Here are just a few spin-off ideas that might be feasible.

5. League of Assassins

Nyssa Al Ghul is someone that fans of Arrow have gotten used to over the years and is in truth a character that’s quite impressive as well as inherently deadly. The best part about a gritty show based around this group would be that we’d be connected to the fighting style that Arrow brought us for so long and at least feel the echo of the original show now and again. Plus, why not have a show that dares to go darker and delve into a realm that’s not quite as heroic and bound to be all about justice? There could be a definite shift with such a program and it could be a breath of fresh air that might be just enough to keep it going for a season or two.

4. Star City 2040

We’ve already seen how the future turns out so why not take it further and make sure that we can see even further? This is one of the two ideas on the list that features Arrow’s kids and could possibly see the titular hero come back for a cameo here and there if we’re lucky. Plus, it’s a dark enough future that it does seem kind of interesting and could keep a story running for a while to come. There’s something about the foreboding and shadowy way that such a story could play out that’s a little more appealing than the more positive and bright stories that have been so traditional in the past.

3. Nora West-Allen

You’re right, this has more to do with the Flash, but seeing as how Arrow and the Flash have had so much to do with each other in the past it seems like it might be something that might be worth looking into just to see how deeply it could be intertwined with the Arrowverse. There’s always a chance that it could turn into something that might bind the two shows even closer together and create an interest with fans that might spark something that’s just different enough to really take off on its own.

2. The kids of Green Arrow

We’ve already seen a young Bruce Wayne grow during the Gotham series, so why take the same path with the kids of Green Arrow? It would be fun to see how they continue to develop and follow in their father’s footsteps, and once again it would seem that it might invite a cameo or two from Amell at the same time. Given that Arrow does have a lot different enemies than Batman it does seem as though there would be enough content that could keep the show running for a while to come, and it would also be beneficial to keep the kids young enough throughout the series to make sure that the time frame is observed in a way that shows their development bit by bit.

1. Felicity Smoak

This is by far the most popular idea for a spin-off it would seem since Felicity has had so much prominence in the series and it would seem that she’s the first logical choice to turn to when it comes time to really think about a spin-off. Whether not it will happen is unknown but the chances seem a lot better since she is after all the one character throughout the story that’s been around long enough and has been deemed worthy of having her own show when and if the time comes. How fans will respond to her is kind of a mixed bag at this time it would seem since without Arrow it might seem kind of awkward at first. But it does seem that she might have the best chance of carrying a show.

We’ll have to wait and see at this point.

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