Five Shows Where You Learned a Lot More After Watching a Second Time

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Have you ever watched a show and instantly felt as though you might be missing something while watching? Things can move by too quickly, there might be an insane amount of detail, or it could be that it takes the show a while to get going and that your interest really needs to be piqued. In any case, shows such as this can be among the most popular on TV or they can be moderately-popular shows that go on to satisfy a certain niche that fans enjoy. Sometimes a show simply tries to pack too much in all at once and while it works, the effect can make a person feel that they’re missing out on something and might need to go back to see it again. The second time around though, a lot of people are likely willing to admit that there is something special within the show that they obviously didn’t see the first time around. At that point, they might start to see the reason that many people are really getting into the show and why it’s worth the effort of sitting through it. At that point, it becomes obvious that the director knew what they were doing, but was seeking to reach people on a different level.

Here are a few shows that might need to be watched twice in order to get the full idea of what they’re trying to convey.

5. American Horror Story

You might want to think that AHS is just as brutal and to the point as it gets, and you’re not wrong. The show is absolutely in the business of making a person cringe since its visuals are a little hard to bear at times and the content gets pretty rowdy. But if you watch every season from first to the most current then you’ll see the pattern begin to emerge as the mention of elements from previous seasons will start to pull the web together a bit and will begin to weave a tale that makes sense from a comprehensive view that encompasses everything in one fell swoop. Obviously, there are different times to consider within the show, but they all tend to feed into one another at some point.

4. Breaking Bad

There are a lot of technical details to deal with in this show and it can be a bit overwhelming for a lot of people that don’t understand the complexities of it. But thankfully this isn’t the whole idea of the show, though the chemistry is only pervasive enough to make a person realize just what Walt and Jesse are doing and why it’s important in its own way. From that point, the human aspect takes over and one has to watch Walt devolve from a man dying of cancer and hoping for a way to protect and take care of his family while he continues to slip deeper and deeper into the persona of the criminal he eventually became.

3. Game of Thrones

What happens when one takes on the daunting task of telling the story of a kingdom and all within its confines is wrapped up within the story of Game of Thrones since there are a lot of names, a lot of titles, and a great number of intrigues going on all at once in this story. Trying to keep up with all of them is a daunting task even for those that have read the books, but trying to focus on just one of them at a time isn’t bound to work either. Watching this show will tend to make it obvious why so many people fell into its embrace during its run, but will also make people understand why the ending was such a letdown.

2. Westworld

The technical and philosophical aspects of this show are a big reason why it might not appeal to everyone, but the story in its entirety is worth watching since it delves deeper into the human psyche than many shows and deals with existential topics on a level that a lot of programs just can’t touch. Unfortunately, this is one reason why it’s so hard to get into the show since it focuses so intently on the existentialism that’s become its bread and butter so to speak, and has kind of eschewed a lot of the action that people were hoping for when thinking of a show that would eventually pit human beings against the hosts that had been created for their pleasure.

1. Lost

At one point this show felt as though every new development was being mashed into the previous episodes, not unlike a child tossing a lump of clay onto a half-finished sculpture and hastily molding and poking at it to try and make something that would work with the whole. A lot of people were rightly confused by the show at one point since it didn’t appear to make sense, but after a while, people started to figure out just what was going on. It’s worth a second watch if only to make certain that everything really does fit together.

Admit it, you like watching some of these shows again and again to see your favorite parts.

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