Five Surprises From the MasterChef Season 8 Finale

Another season has come and gone, and we were again left with jaw-dropped admiration for all the good food we’ve witnessed in the last season of MasterChef. We’ve always known that Gordon Ramsay will never put his name onto anything that isn’t a success, and the last season of his show just proved this even more. The season 8 finale left us literally hungry for more, as we watched the final three contestants battle it out for the coveted title of MasterChef. While the winner was a surprise on his own, we’ve listed a few other things that surprised us during the season finale.

Joe came back

We hated him. We loved him. He was a jerk majority of the time he was onscreen, but that’s probably why we were so attracted to his character. He spoke only of the truth, and as much as we cringed every time he spoke about the contestants, we trusted his judgment. Joe came back to be a guest judge for the season finale, and we were more than thrilled, to say the least, to hear what he had to say about the final three home chefs left standing.

Jason’s custard

Jason surprised us and then surprised us again with his custard. We knew there was no way he could’ve pulled off a proper custard in the amount of time they were given in the appetizer round, but he surprised us when his seafood topping lay neatly on top of his custard, proving wrong all the predictions of sunken toppings. We were proud of the guy until we were twisted in surprise again, as Ramsay revealed that the bottom of his custard did actually break and was more liquid than custard.

Eboni’s demise

Eboni was a strong frontrunner to take it home this season, and we were very surprised at how poorly she performed in the finale. She got a few things right as far as flavor was concerned. However, both main ingredients in her first two courses were either raw or overcooked. All judges declared her scallops were raw in the appetizer round. During the main course, some judges got raw duck breast, while others got overcooked duck breast. We applaud her for trying, but we’ve got to say that we truly expected more.

Dino’s lamb

We were sure it must’ve been just like anything he grew up eating, and it looked good from where we were sitting on our couch. Dino had done pretty well up to the main course point, so we knew he was as focused as his rack of lamb dish looked. We weren’t surprised, then, when the judges raved about his creation–all except one. We were very surprised to hear that Ramsay wasn’t pleased with the way Dino served his lamb.

And the winner is…

Of course we were surprised that Dino won the competition. He had been the underdog coming into the finale, and he was considered to be the wildcard throughout the entire season. This didn’t stop him from dominating, and we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of the dancer/home chef/MasterChef from hereon out.

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