Five Things You Didn’t Know about Audrey Roloff

This one is kind of interesting since it’s so close to home. The Roloff Farms are a big attraction around these parts and are even bigger come Halloween when almost every farm for miles around has a corn maze and hay rides for the family to enjoy. Audrey Roloff though married into the family when she wed her husband Jeremy. She’s feuded with the matriarch of the family for a short time but seemed to mend the bond not too long after. It seems kind of disingenuous to marry into a family and then take aim at them for anything, especially if your values and theirs don’t always coincide. Plus, if you’re going to lay into your mother in law about divorcing her husband, you might want to take a step back and consider that you’re still the newcomer to the family.

Here’s a few other things you might want to know about her.

5. She’s a marriage blogger.

So the easy explanation for this is that she and her husband contribute to society by trying to insure that the dreaded fifty percent of marriages don’t go by the wayside after tying the knot. One of the ways they recommend doing that however is by reciting your marriage vows while having sex. That seems great in a fantastical sort of romance novel way, but here in the real world that might be a turn off for a lot of people.

4. She films Little People, Big World.

She’s a bit part of the Roloff family in that she helps to film and is a recurring character on the show. It would seem that if you’re married to one of the family that you’d show up a little more often but then you need to recall that people do have varied interests and won’t be around all the time. Plus if a family is all together all the time there’s bound to be friction as there has been in the past.

3. She’s been shamed for showing her baby bump.

This just doesn’t seem right. In fact it isn’t right. Audrey decided to post a picture of herself in profile with her baby bump showing and she got shamed for it. She looks happy and healthy and there’s nothing wrong with showing your baby bump in a photo. To be honest a lot of expectant mothers do it and some are just doing it to show how far along they are and that they’re doing well. Get over yourselves people.

2. She lives in Portland, OR.

This is why this is so interesting, because it’s close to home for this writer. The Roloff farms aren’t too far away and like I said, every Halloween they’re open for business and doing just great. It’s kind of interesting to write an article about someone that’s so close by. I really hope if she reads this, if that probability ever comes around, she won’t take anything too personally.

1. She and her husband are expecting their first child on Sept. 1st. 

It’s a joy to welcome a child into the world, and even if there is a dwarfism gene in Jeremy, which could happen I suppose, a child is still a blessing and something to fully enjoy in life. Audrey seems like she might be the type to be a good and decent mother and it’s sure that the child will have a very blessed and pleasing life.

It’s pretty cool to write about a local celebrity.


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