Five Things You Didn’t Know About Blanca Blanco

With women around the world determined to stand in solidarity, it was agreed that all women would wear Black to the recent Global Globes award ceremony as a way of showing solidarity in support of women who have been victims of sexual harassment and sexual abuse in the workplace. Being that Hollywood is viewed as the stage on which most of this narrative is being played out, it is understandable why its women would want to show solidarity in an industry in which even the most powerful woman feels helpless. Yet, Blanca Blanco showed up to the ceremony in a revealing red dress that immediately drew the ire of many.

So, who is Blanca Blanco and what inspired to ignore the blackout?

1. She is Very Much a Humanitarian

For those who concluded that Blanca does not support the solidarity #MeeToo movement that is underway, you are completely wrong. As it turns out, she is very much a supporter of women’s rights and human rights in general. As it turns out, she simply did not get the memo that suggested that all women wear black to the ceremony. Well, if you have not seen the red dress she wore, let’s just say she definitely stood out in more ways than one.

2. She Can Be Radical in Her Approach

While she has since made it clear that she is in support of the #TimesUp and #MeeToo movements, it is not beyond Blanca’s natural disposition to move against the grain. I don’t think that it was done out of malice or spite, but she simply dances to the beat of her own drum, which in a sense is what the movement is all about. She has been very clear about the fact that she supports any movement that empowers people, especially women, but she still wore that red dress.

3. The Issue is Bigger than a Dress Color

It did not take long for Blanca to fire back in a manner that revealed he personal perspective. While she is definitely a supporter of the two aforementioned movements, she does is not one is given to symbolism as a means of change. She made the statement that the issues are so much bigger than her dress and that is what the attention should be on, not whether she kept to the dress code for the night. That does not mean that Twitter cut her some slack.

4. She Is Not Soft-spoken or Shy

It can be easy to look at Blanca’s small frame and assume a level of docility and unwillingness to take on controversial issues, but doing so would be a mistake. She has proven that she is not afraid to attack the key issues that come with a major pushback from both sides. She took to Twitter and made it clear that while people are focusing on her dress color for the Golden Globes award ceremony, the real issue is being pushed to the back burner. Basically, she is challenging her critics to stay on point.

5. She Played It Perfect

While it does not matter to me, I, for one, do not believe that Blanca was unaware of the dress code. I believe that she saw an opportunity to grab the spotlight and attention that she would have not otherwise achieved. This was a great PR move on her part. While there is no doubt that she is absolutely gorgeous, the chance of this much attention coming from that one night was not likely under normal circumstances, so she changed the circumstances.

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