Five Things You Didn’t Know about Daphne Oz

Daphne Oz is something of a miracle child as well as a very dedicated person as far as what she does with her life. When she was born she was only given an Apgar score of 2, which means that she wasn’t fully expected to thrive or even survive at first. But she managed to show the doctors that she could not only survive but thrive in a manner that has led her to the position she’s in today. This could be a reason why she’s so conscious about her health and advocates the same for others, though it could also be good upbringing and a strong sense of what it means to be healthy and fully secure in one’s path.

She most definitely enjoys spreading the word about what can be done to live a healthy existence.

5. She’s a nutrition author.

There are many different types of writers but Daphne has chosen to employ her love of food and of healthy living in a manner through which people can read and possibly learn from her experience and her insights. In her own way she is contributing to the overall health and well-being of those that read her writings. Her wisdom on this matter has been shared with many and continues to inform those that are interested.

4. She was born with her umbilical cord around her neck.

As any parent would know this isn’t optimal for a child’s survival as it can cut off air flow and cause a number of problems. This is one of the main reasons why she was given such a low Apgar score when she was born because infants that experience trouble with their umbilical cord, particularly when it’s wrapped around their neck, could suffer various types of brain damage. Thankfully nothing too serious came of this.

3. She was one of the co-hosts on The Chew.

She was one of the five co-hosts from 2011 to 2017 on The Chew, which is a lifestyle show detailing for viewers how to make healthy choices and live an active and fulfilling existence. The hour-long show premiered in 2011 and is still going to this day. After her stint on the show Daphne has still appeared as a guest on shows like The View and Beat Bobby Flay. She is also a judge on the Food Network show Cooks vs. Cons.

2. She’s written several articles and books on healthy living and eating.

One of her most popular books was The Dorm Room Diet, which is a guide on how to eat healthy and fairly cheap while attending college. This was seen as very important since the average college student usually has to eat on the cheap but doesn’t always find the healthiest options due to expedience and a lack of funds. Her books and articles detail just how to find the right kind of foods to keep people going and promote a healthier lifestyle.

1. She helped to establish HealthCorps. 

This is a non-profit organization that helps teenagers with nutritional advice, exercise tips, and stress management to get through their day.

If it’s about nutrition and healthy living Daphne Oz is most likely interested.

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