Five Things You didn’t Know about Hannah Waddingham

Hannah Waddingham might not be on your radar if you’re not big into opera or haven’t been paying attention. She’s a very accomplished actress and singer from England and has spent her life becoming what she is today. With her background it seems that she had a serious leg up but I would still doubt that things came all that easy since the opera gives off the air of a place and profession that is very competitive and doesn’t simply accept someone based on who they are related to. It takes true skill to perform in front of a live audience since unlike TV or movies those actors don’t get to have someone yell ‘cut’ and go back to their starting positions.

The fact that it seems so demanding gives the feeling that opera singers and actors are much more on point.

5. She comes from a family of opera singers.

Her mother and her maternal grandparents were all opera singers, so it almost sounds like there could have been a little pressure there for her to join the ranks and become one as well. Like I said above though, the chances of her just being accepted without question still seem slim since the opera scene is so fiercely competitive and doesn’t forgive a whole lot of mistakes. I would guess that it’s all a matter of who one knows when it comes to getting in, but they still need to do the work.

4. She’s a singer and an actress.

That seems to go hand in hand when it comes to opera, especially classical stuff since as little as I know about the opera I do know that singing is a huge part of it and one couldn’t be parted from the other. But I confess that singing most if not all of your lines seems like it would be even more stressful than just acting or just singing. You’d have to have the right inflection within each word and still manage to keep the integrity of the song.

3. She had a part on Game of Thrones.

She played the role of Septa Unella, and she got to try and get Cersei to admit her sin. It’s not too hard to imagine why a lot of people wouldn’t recognize her if they hadn’t seen her before, the Septa’s were kind of limited in their role and didn’t show up a whole lot except for King’s Landing. Plus they weren’t the most popular of characters.

2. She has a very successful career in the London Theater.

With her connections and her obvious work ethic there’s no doubt as to why she’s become such a success throughout her career. I can only imagine the pressures that would be placed upon someone in this position, but obviously she’s been able to rise to the occasion more than once.

1. She was in the West End production of the Wizard of Oz.

Hannah got to play the part of the Wicked Witch of the West, a rather big supporting act that earned her an award in fact.

If you’re into the opera scene you should check her out.

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