Five Things You Didn’t Know about ID’s “One Frightful Night”

One of the most disparaging things that can happen to a family is to have a loved one come up missing with no explanation. It is close to impossible to get closure when you do not have the pieces to the puzzle to make sense of it all, or at least that is what most people believe. After watching “One Frightful Night,” — a television series that chronicles the investigation into the disappearance and murder of Carla Fuqua. While there are a lot of revelations exposed throughout this series, the one thing that will become increasingly evident is that you cannot make sense of that which is senseless. One Frightful Night takes its viewers into this story in a way that only Investigation Discovery can.

To give a little more insight into the series, here are five facts you did not know.

1. Jimmy Ray Steed is Likely a Serial Killer

It took more than three years of searching before authorities could recover the remains of Carla Fuqua, but the recovery of her remains intensified the focus and direction of the investigation — ultimately leading them to Jimmy Ray Steed. Steed was tried and convicted of the murder of Carla Fuqua and it is believed that he was likely connected to a string of disappearances of women during the time that Carla disappeared. Steed received a 105-year sentence for the murder, which equates to a life sentence being that he was 55 at the time.

2. Jimmy Steeds Wife Among Suspected Victims

While the story is about Carla Fuqua, it is impossible to lose Jimmy Ray Steed as things progress, and the producers of One Frightful Night understand this. The does a good job of illuminating some facts that were not made readily available to the public during the initial investigation, such as the fact that several people went missing around Steed’s property, including his own wife. It appears that he had a bent for killing people without provocation. Most of these missing person’s cases remain unsolved.

3. One Frightful Night is Not Investigation Discovery’s First Look into the Case

There is obviously something about the disappearance and murder of Carla Fuqua that has captured the attention of the executives and producers at Investigation Discovery because One Frightful Night is not the first time the network has chronicled the details of the case. During the actual investigation through the conviction of Jimmy Ray Steed, the network chronicled the progress on a show called “Murder Comes to Town.”

4. The Show Could Focus More on Carla’s Son

It has mentioned on more than one occasion that Carla Fuqua was a doting mother who loved her son very much, and was made lucidly clear that she would have never voluntarily left him behind. It was this key fact that placed so much emphasis on the belief that foul play was involved in her disappearance. I believe the backstory surrounding the son of Fuqua can be hashed out more on One Frightful Night, but I understand the respect of the privacy of a minor.

5. Sneed Likely Had an Accomplice

This show does a good job painting an image of how things likely transpired, and one thing that is presented in the subtlest of ways is the fact that Sneed did not act alone in one or all the disappearance cases. One fact that supports the theory of an accomplice is the fact that more than one of Sneed’s properties that were under investigation burned down during the investigation and while Sneed was in custody — a little much to be considered a coincidence don’t you think?

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