Five Things You Didn’t Know About Josh Homme

Rock stars are often just as famous for their wild antics and behavior as they are for their music. With huge amounts of money, alcohol, drugs, and screaming fans, it is easy to understand why this can happen. However, there is a line that must be drawn, and inflicting physical injury on people is definitely over the line. Such was the case when Josh Homme kicked a photographer’s camera at a recent Queens of the Stone Age concert.

Homme, the founder of the iconic band, appeared to get caught up in his performance when he decided to kick the camera of photographer Chelsea Lauren. Lauren had some minor injuries because of the incident. Homme has since released both written and video apologies. The incident has made quite an impact, as Homme’s performance on BBC’s Bedtime Stories has been put on hold. For people who have heard the news and want to know who Homme really is as a person, here are five of the most interesting facts about the musician.

5. He does more than play guitar

Josh Homme is one of the most iconic singers and guitarists in the rock world. His playing style, in particular, is celebrated as unique and influential. However, fans should know that he can do much more than play guitar. He is also highly talented when it comes to playing bass and banjo. He can also play the piano and drums.

4. He has only ever owned one car 

In addition to their wild behavior, rock stars are also famous for their spending habits. As such, one might expect a rocker like Homme to have numerous exotic cars. Surprisingly, he actually still drives the car he got when he was 14 years old. He was just a teenager when he got his first car, a ’67 Camaro. Incredibly, this is the same car that he owns and drives today. He does, however, also have a Harley.

3. Queens of the Stone Age is not the only group he is a part of

While QOTSA might be the most famous band that Homme is in, it is not the only one. He was also the founder and guitarist for the highly influential rock group Kyuss. In addition, he founded the heavy metal band Eagles of Death Metal, with whom he still performs on occasion. He frequently collaborates with other artists and groups, including Dave Grohl and Iggy Pop. He has even acted as a producer for bands like the Arctic Monkeys.

2. His wife is also a musician

Given the lifestyle that comes with being a rock star, one might wonder how anyone could marry someone like Homme. However, it seems that Homme was lucky enough to find someone that understands the pressures of the music industry. In 2007, he married Brody Dalle, the founder of The Distillers. The two musicians have three children: Camille, Orrin, and Wolf.

1. He nearly died in 2010 

While Homme has experienced many exciting events in his life, one of the direst happened in 2010 following a routine knee surgery. Apparently, there were some complications following the surgery that left Homme in a terrible state. He was confined to a bed for several months, making it impossible to work. This led to a deep state of depression, from which Homme has stated he thought he would never escape. Luckily, he overcame this ordeal.

Josh Homme is a wild individual, both in his performances and in his everyday life. He has founded some of the most influential rock bands in recent history, with the Queens of the Stone Age being the most enduring. Despite his success, his recent incident in which he kicked a photographer’s camera will hopefully bring him back down to Earth. If he can sort out his behavior, fans will surely be treated to many more years of incredible music.

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