Five Things You Didn’t Know About Karl Cook

Getting engaged can be one of the most special and emotional moments of a person’s life. Of course, everyone reacts differently to moments of intense emotion. Seeing a person become completely overwhelmed by joy, however, is certainly very special. Such was the case for Kaley Cuoco, whose engagement video has warmed the hearts of thousands of people around the world. In the video, she is crying tears of joy before exclaiming that she says yes.

The man behind the video (and the ring) is Karl Cook. Cook is a highly interesting individual that you may not expect to be engaged to a star like Cuoco. He is not a famous movie star or NFL player, but he has many accolades of his own. For those wondering who Cuoco’s new fiancé is, here are five of the most interesting facts about Karl Cook.

5. They don’t share all of the same interests

The saying “opposites attract” seems to be obviously false. Most couples need to have at least some common interests in order to form a strong connection. While Cuoco and Cook certainly have much in common, there are some things they don’t feel the same way about. One of these is yoga. Fans of Cuoco will know that she is very passionate about practicing yoga. Cook, on the other hand, tried one class and decided that he wouldn’t be back.

4. His family is incredibly successful

Many families would be intimidated if a television star was brought into their home. This is likely not the case for Cook’s family. His parents are incredibly accomplished and wealthy, and they have surely been around notable people in the past. His mother actually founded the Wisconsin School of Business’s Center For Brand and Product Management. Scott Cook, Karl’s father, is a multi-billionaire who founded Intuit.

3. He has some artistic interests 

Given the fact that Cuoco is a professional actor, it is probably safe to say that she is the more artistic of the two. However, this does not mean that Karl has no interest in the arts. One of his most passionate interests is actually photography, a hobby which he is constantly taking up as he travels the world. He also enjoys making his own bowls and cups, although he has admitted that he uses a lathe rather than carving the wood by hand.

2. He is a professional horseback rider 

Cook is not one to simply live off his parents’ fortunes. Through many years of hard work, he has established himself as a formidable and respected equestrian. He has been riding since he was a child, and has since won many notable events. Some of the best-known are the SmartPak Grand Prix, the UltrOz Jumper, and the Card Flex Grand Prix. This may be one of the main reasons why he and Cuoco have such a strong relationship; Cuoco has been a passionate equestrian since her teenage years.

1. They met at a horse show

Some people might expect a famous actress like Cuoco to meet the love of her life at a more glamorous event. For this couple, however, a horse show on Valentine’s Day was simply perfect. Apparently, Cook asked out Cuoco with a bottle of champagne on a motorized bike. Interestingly, it wasn’t Cook that was star-struck by Cuoco; it was the opposite. Given his status as an elite equestrian, Cuoco and her friends were blown away that he would approach her.


Every relationship is unique, but true happiness and love seem to be easy to recognize. That is likely why so many people are liking and sharing the video of Cuoco accepting Cook’s proposal. Although their backgrounds are not exactly the same, the couple seems to be clicking just right. With their shared passion for riding horses, their comfort in the spotlight, and the mutual admiration for each other, this seems to be the type of couple that can make it last.

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