Five Things You Didn’t Know about Kate Wasley

Right now there’s not a whole lot to say about Kate Wasley other than she’s doing something that a lot of women will probably look up to her for when it’s all said and done. Her time with her friend in the Sports Illustrated magazine shoot will likely mark her as one of the bravest and most forward-thinking women of this year, or it could possibly swing the other way if haters and naysayers have their way. Let’s hope it doesn’t go that way however since what she’s doing at this point is a very positive and potentially uplifting thing.

It’s showing women that they don’t have to be ashamed of what they look like in order to feel desirable.

5. She was recently selected to be in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

A lot of women would lose their minds just being considered for such a thing since it’s a publication that’s seen far and wide and can get a person noticed quite easily. There’s no guarantee of stardom and riches but the idea that it can at least get someone on the fast track towards being pegged as a person of interest is something that’s happened in the past. It’s an opportunity to do something with your life and can branch out into other opportunities.

4. She’s been modeling for two years.

She might have a whole lot of crazy stories to tell yet but she’s still fairly new to the industry so she’s got time to really get in there and make an impact. As of now she’s already being lauded as someone that women should be looking at as a good example of what it means to be totally comfortable with your body. Her dedication to her career is nothing short of inspiring.

3. She’s an advocate for plus-sized models.

Being a plus-sized model herself Kate knows just what it’s like to be looked at differently than the women with the tiny waists and trim figures, she hasn’t allowed that to stop her. She’s gone on to pursue her dream and is continuing to do so as she makes her way forward in her chosen career while making it clear that she’s not lowering her standards and she’s there to affect positive change.

2. She’s from Perth, Australia.

According to Kate there’s not much to Perth really, so coming to the US kind of blew her away. She came to New York to start with so most anything else she might see in America might still be impressive but it won’t quite equal the Big Apple. Of course if she gets to see the sprawl of LA and the open countryside throughout America she might be just as amazed.

1. She’s participated in a triathlon. 

The more you find out about this woman the more impressive she is. Triathlon’s are not easy to compete in and a lot of people might think that anyone plus-sized wouldn’t make it since they’re moving a lot more weight around and can tire quicker. Obviously Kate was more than up to the task.

She’s on her way.

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