Five Things You Didn’t Know about Leena Pendharkar

Leena Pendharkar is a rather impressive woman but you might not know who she is since she’s behind the scenes the majority of the time and exercising her genius in one story after another as she brings her ideas to the screen. That seems to be where she wants to be however as it’s where she gets to work her magic and create interesting and invigorating tales that manage to capture the attention of her target audiences quite easily. Some people have the gift when it comes to writing stories that make people believe in them, and she’s definitely one of them.

Getting people to pay attention is a big part of writing and film.

5. She does satirical sketches.

A satirical sketch is something that’s designed to look like the real thing but is a slightly skewed version of it that exists to kind of poke fun at the real thing. In other words a film that is made in the style of another but features elements of mockery and fun that’s aimed at finding the shortcomings and faults of other films could be called a satirical piece. Leena enjoys producing sketches in this fashion.

4. She’s an assistant professor at Loyola Marymount University.

Teaching in film and TV it seems that her experience would benefit just about anyone that stepped into the classroom and would be foolish to miss out on. To have someone that’s actually been out in the field working as she has would be a rare opportunity for any student and something that would be a huge boon to any aspiring writers or directors. Drawing off of that kind of experience would be a treat.

3. She’s an award winning writer and director.

Leena has had her run with success and she continues to make her way forward as she continues on with the industry. Her pieces are not as mainstream as others but in a way she seems to prefer this as they are a little more meaningful when they aren’t given as much hype or the kind of attention that could lean towards the more unfair criticisms that are given to films that are largely unknown.

2. One of her films was featured in several different film festivals.

Raspberry Magic starring Bella Thorne and Alison Brie was featured in roughly 25 film festivals, which might be common enough for some films but still sounds pretty impressive when you think about it. Some of those festivals seem pretty hard to get into, so having the movie passed around between so many seems to be evidence that she did something great.

1. She’s a member of the Director’s Guild of America and the Writer’s Guild of America.

She seems like a busy lady between everything she has to do and everything she belongs to. The chances seem good though that she’s able to take it all in stride and has created a life that is both empowered and enriched by all the things that she does. It’s hard not to be impressed right now.

Seriously, she’s done a lot.

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