Five Things You Didn’t Know about Mamie Gummer

If you’re thinking that Mamie Gummer looks somehow familiar then you’ve likely seen her in various movies and might even realize that there’s another reason she looks like someone you might recognize. Keep looking, I’m not going to give out too many hints until you reach the meat of the article since that would kind of spoil it and make this a little to repetitive. If you haven’t gotten it by now though then you will pretty soon since I’m sure you’re already reading ahead at this point just to figure it out. Naughty, naughty, savor the mystery just for a moment and try to sort it out.

Get it yet?

5. She’s the daughter of Meryl Streep.

That’s why she looks so familiar, she looks a lot like her mother did at this age and despite the obvious differences you can still see the classic good looks and poise that her mother employed so often in her films. Personality-wise it’s hard to tell if they’re all that similar but looking at them side by side there would be no need to even ask if they were related since their facial features are so close in appearance.

4. She played a younger version of her mother’s character in Evening.

It’s no doubt that a big advantage of looking so much like your parent is that you can play various roles in which they need a younger version of a character. This way there’s no real disconnect between the younger version and the older and no need to wonder just how people would grow up to look the way they do in films. The young girl from Pitch Black turning into the woman in Chronicles of Riddick is a good example.

3. She’s in a deleted scene in The Devil Wears Prada.

She plays a coffee barista in the movie but unfortunately her scene got cut for time issues. I wonder if there was ever a problem with this seeing as how her mother was in the film and might have known that the scene was cut. One would hope not since both women should understand how it works at that point. Just because your mom is famous doesn’t mean much when it comes to production.

2. Her mother was pregnant with her when she won her award for Sophie’s Choice.

So this kind of tells you just how old she is without looking it up since Meryl Streep accepted this award in 1983. That would put Mamie in her 30’s, around 35, and still very much in the prime of her life and possibly her career. With her mom still knocking out movies you would think it would be a possibility that she might be accepting whatever came along to cement her own legacy.

1. Her favorite actor is Cate Blanchette.

That might shock you a bit but really it shouldn’t. One can have a great relationship with their famous parent and still idolize another actor. After all, Meryl is a part of her life no matter what, but having preferences for other actors doesn’t make her a bad daughter.

I wonder if having a famous mother was ever a burden though.

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