Five Things You didn’t Know about Monster Garage

Monster Garage was a Discovery Channel television series that aired from 2002 to 2006. Jesse James hosted each of the sixty minute episodes that ran for four years. The popular show was fun to watch. episodes featured a five person team who worked together to create a monster machine. Experts in fabrication, mechanics and making vehicle modifications combined their efforts. The goal was to come up with the most unique vehicle that could be transformed into another useful vehicle or machine. Prizes were awarded for the teams who were successful in building their vehicles. The show was fun to watch but here are five things about it that you didn’t know.

1. The show was scripted to add drama

There isn’t a lot that is entertaining when watching five guys do mechanical work. That is, not until the end when the project is completed. Execs had to add a little drama to make it more interesting so some extracurricular activities were built in. For example, the shattering of expensive windows and other mishaps. Let’s face it, audiences want to be entertained and a little drama goes a long way.

2. Jesse James failed at his attempt

Throughout the series, viewers got to see some pretty amazing vehicles built. It was great to watch skilled experts bring their final products from concept to life. Jesse James was no exception. He had some good ideas himself. Unfortunately, his plans to build a monster that could exceed speeds of 200 mph were not successful.

3. Discovery offered James the job as host

When Discovery channel found Jesse James, he was working at his West Coast Choppers customization shop. They offered hi the position as host and she closed the shop to do the show. It was providence for Jesse because the shop business wasn’t making a profit. James’ real money was in selling merchandise that was made popular because of his fame and the brand recognition. This is where he made his millions.

4. James hosted another Discovery Channel show called “Jesse James: Outlaw Garage.”

The show didn’t become very popular and after a short run, the ratings were too low to continue. It was cancelled much to the displeasure of James. According to some viewers who made their feelings about the show known, it wasn’t very entertaining.

5. James has a problem with authority

Jesse told the world that Discovery stages its reality television shows. This seems like a low blow for a network that kept him on television for a number of years, but he was angry over the cancellation.

This came after his show Outlaw Garage was cancelled. He wrote a scathing blog using profanity about execs at Discovery. He has had issues with controlling his temper off and on throughout the years. He didn’t agree with many of he staging scenes and there were conflicts over it. He’s had a love hate relationship with Discovery Channel staff over the years.

Final thoughts

“Monster Garage” had its share of funny moments as well as some very serious times. According to the former host of the series, the episodes were staged and he disagreed with how they were set up. Will there ever be another Monster Garage? The odds are against it, but it was a cool show while it lasted.

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