Five Things You Didn’t Know about Paige VanZant

If you couldn’t tell from the picture Paige Vanzant is a fighter and she is heavily into MMA, fighting for the UFC. Being in her mid-twenties at this point she’s still a viable contender that when healthy can get in the ring and bang with a lot of women. She’s considered to be one of the quickest and most aggressive women in the octagon and she shows it every time she fights. While she’s not counted as the best at the moment she’s still considered to be an extraordinary fighter.

Now all she needs to do is stay healthy to maintain her career.

5. She was brought up as a dancer for 13 years.

Her parents own a dance studio so it’s not too hard to figure out that they would want to put her into whatever activities they could find in order to keep her in shape and on the right course. Obviously Paige might find the discipline and the endurance it takes to dance useful in the ring since it has likely given her the kind of footwork that she needs to keep moving.

4. She was considered a true tomboy growing up.

Paige loved the outdoors and has had a wide array of hobbies that she still enjoys. When she was younger she was bullied by a group of girls and this is partially why she loves being into MMA, as it gives her the tools to defend herself. A lot of people might find a benefit of learning how to fight and defend themselves when necessary, but it takes a different kind of person to take it to this level and make it into something positive.

3. She won an amateur fight at the age of 18.

This would be the final spark that was needed to rocket her into a career in MMA. She’d been training at a gym owned by Ken Shamrock for a while when she finally went to fight and win in this first match. It no doubt allowed people to start realizing who she was and what she could do. At that point Paige probably started making a name for herself. People likely started to pay attention as well.

2. She’s a very aggressive fighter.

Paige will use everything she has in any given situation that’s within the rules to win the fight, meaning that if she’s in close she’s going to clinch and then possibly try to finish her opponent off with a few key strikes. If she’s at a distance she’s going to close and try to clinch. She’s not the premiere striker that some ladies are but she can hold her own with a lot of the other fighters.

1. She has a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Grappling is a lot of what goes on in the UFC and MMA and this is where Paige seems to feel comfortable at times. Her martial arts background seems to imply that she would rather get into a clinch than try to win a stand-up fight.

She’s not that big of a woman but it doesn’t seem like a lot of guys would say that to her face.

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