Five Things You Didn’t Know About Rita Hayek

Unless you have been under a rock somewhere, you probably have at least heard of the rapidly rising star, Rita Hayek. While not related to the more seasoned, but still gorgeous, Salma Hayek, she definitely brings the same mystique and dazzling beauty to the table. Hayek has built a large following, primarily because of her reality television antics that expose her as an extreme adrenaline junkie. However, she is an accomplished actress, having already starred in several movies in Hollywood. It seems that even when she selects her movies and projects, she is looking for some type of adrenaline rush.

For those of you who are unaware of who the gorgeous star is, here are a few facts to help you familiarize yourself with her.

1. She Is of Lebanese Descent

Not only is Hayek a native of Lebanon, but she actually launched her acting career by attending the National Des Beaux-Arts school at Beirut Lebanese University. She also studied acting at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting once she arrived in Hollywood. It is clear that Rita knows what she wants and she is approaching the pursuit of her dreams with great specificity and intent. She has a number of new projects on the horizon and they all seem to satisfy her thirst for high surges of adrenaline.

2. She is Now a Presenter for So You Think You Can Dance Arabia

In addition to Deep Waters, which is the reality show that feeds Rita’s addiction to adrenaline, Rita now hosts the Middle-Eastern franchise of “So You Think You Can Dance.” She has a deep passion for dance and she admits that she has always believed that at some point. She admits that she works very hard each week to inject as much Character and personality into the show as possible, with the hopes of putting it on par with its U.S. and U.K counterparts.

3. She is Far More than a Beautiful Face

When you listen to Hayek talk about her responsibility to her shows and to her craft, you quickly gain an understanding that she gets it. It takes more than pulchritudinous beauty to have a long and successful career. She understands the immense responsibility that comes with the opportunities that she has been afforded with. She works hard to ensure that her work is of the highest quality while simultaneous working to make others around her better.

4. She Welcomes the Pressure that Comes with the Territory

While there have been many talented actors and entertainers who have crumbled under the pressure associated with celebrity life and the constant demand to perform, it seems that Rita actually welcomes the pressure. She admits that it can overwhelming (in a good way) at times, but that is what drives her each and every day. She rises to the occasion to meet whatever challenges she is facing at the time.

5. She Is Not Influenced by the Comparisons between Her and Cat Deeley

Obviously being a host on one of the franchises of So You Think You Can Dance leads to obvious comparisons to Cat Deeley; however, Hayek says that while she is flattered, she understands what makes Deeley so good at what she does is that she is simply herself, and that is how she approaches her role as host. Rita says she is intent with being herself and not attempting to take on the persona of someone else. She definitely does not lack confidence.

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