Five Things You Didn’t Know About “To Rome For Love”

The new docu-series, airing on Bravo, “To Rome For Love,” is set to be the romantic excursion you are looking for this winter. It premiered on January 7th, and is something some are calling a “can’t miss” show. Interested in what it’s all about? You aren’t the only one. Learn some interesting information about this series and what to expect in the coming season here. If you are in love, searching for love or just love, love stories, then this is one series that is going to speak to your heart.

Italian Men Adore Women of Color

The docu-series is based on the idea that Italian men adore and celebrate women of color. As a result, Italy is the best place to go for women who are searching for “Mr. Right.” In fact, during the series, you get to travel along with five women of color as they venture to Italy on a journey to find love. Rome is truly magical, and many agree, the ideal setting for this love-based series.

All Men on the Show are Vetted

While you get to see five women of color travel to Rome to go on one-on-one dates with amazing Italian men, something behind the scenes is that each of these dates have been vetted. This will ensure that the women only date the most eligible bachelors who meet certain standards and specifications that have been set by Diann Valentine, who has been helping women (just like those in the show) find love in Italy for years.

Each Woman is in a Different Stage of their Life and Love

The series follows five, black women, including Mercedes Young, Ashley Russell, Shay Atkins, Gina Neely and Nakita McGraw, as they venture to Rome to meet amazing men. However, what is unique about this show is that each of the women is at a different stage of their life, all with unique stories related to love. The connecting factor is that each of the women have struggled with dating and finding love as women of color in America.

Two Assistants Help Diann Valentine Along the Way

In addition to the matchmaking offered by Diann Valentine, here two assistants also have a part to play. One assistant, D. Micha Lindsey, offers a personality that is “larger-than-life” and offers a strong, male perspective to the women. The other assistant, Christine “Cece” counts, who is Valentine’s right-hand women, and of Italian heritage, works to help ensure the right men are found for each woman.

The Dates are Truly Magical

On the show, “To Rome for Love” you get an opportunity to see exactly what the perfect date is. You will see these women whisked away by their Italian matches to amazing places, and they even experience group dates from time to time.

If you are ready to feel good, then this is a show you should watch this winter. You will get the “warm fuzzies” when you tune in.

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