Five Things You Didn’t Know about Shelley Hennig

Shelley Hennig is an actress that was born and raised in Louisiana and has been steadily climbing the ranks of the industry since she first made her way onto the screen. She’s a more laid back type of individual that doesn’t go in for the glamour as much and simply wants a life in which she can do her job and then kick back at the end of the day. A lot of younger actors seem to be bringing this kind of attitude to their work lately and it’s kind of nice to see in a way since it means that they’re not so bound up by what they do that they can’t have fun with it.

Plus she admits to being more of a simple girl than a glamour girl.

5. She was Miss Teen USA in 2004.

She became the first teen from Louisiana to win and it came with a modeling contract as well as a scholarship to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. There’s more that goes into each competition than just being pretty so you can imagine that it had to have been a great honor to win such a thing and it could have been what really got it into her head to start acting.

4. She’s a firm advocate that speaks out against underage drinking.

Three years before she won Miss Teen USA one of her older brothers was killed in a drunk driving accident. Since then she’s been extremely outspoken against underage drinking and the troubles it can bring. She’s done a lot of work over the course of those three years and beyond with counseling and mentoring those that she feels need to know about the dangers of underage drinking.

3. She used to work at a country club.

Shelley worked in the pro shop and was supposed to be in charge of the cash register. It soon turned out though that she was much better with people than she was with computers, so her job position switched pretty quickly when that revelation was made.

2. She’s big into English but not Math.

Like a lot of people she’s more English-minded than math, meaning that she’s big on spelling and grammar and not so much on algebra or anything else. This is pretty common since some people seem hardwired to learn math up to a certain level and then begin to experience severe difficulties while others could recite mathematical equations all day but couldn’t write a report to save their lives. It’s more common than people think.

1. She didn’t have any huge ambition to be an actor.

Unlike a lot of people that have shown up in these type of articles Shelly didn’t know she wanted to be an actor until a little later on in her life. She didn’t have any big dreams of acting or standing up on stage in front of an adoring crowd. She did have an idea that her life was meant for something bigger, but acting wasn’t necessarily it.

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