Five Things you Didn’t Know about Tom D’Agostino Jr.

Tom D’Agostino Jr’s life has been quite murky. No one knew who he was dating and what he was really up to. Even the closest followers of the Real Housewives of NYC had no idea LuAnn de Lesseps was having a fling with anyone. So when their relationship finally surfaced, a lot of people were left dumbfounded. Save for his relationships, everything else about Tom is an open book although he is not the braggadocio type you will hear from everywhere. He’s quite a secluded guy as well. It is this semi openness and seclusion that makes him a quite difficult person to understand.

If you are the Real Housewives of NYC or Bravo fanatic, probably you are asking yourself who this D’Agostino Jr. guy is – and if he is the French version of Johnny Depp. Below, I have pieced together bits of useful information you need to know about Tom D’Agostino Jr.

1. He once dated Ramona Singers but he’s now bonkers for LuAnn de Lesseps

D’Agostino Jr. has confessed of being swept over his feet by the American TV girl, LuAnn de Lesseps (who dons his name these days). They first met at a restaurant when each of them had come with friends. They have been a thing ever since. He has described her as his steroid. But one thing he doesn’t like discussing often is his fling with Ramona Singers in 2015. Apparently, Ramona was not keen of settling at that time. Again, she just didn’t want to date exclusively for a long time.

2. He is the C.E.O. and President of Smart Source

Yeah, he is at the helm of Smart Source. The promotional and print distributor offering one-stop branded communications costs management has been under his stewardship for the last twelve years, even now. The company is doing well and D’Agostino Jr. seems to actually like his job, according to LinkedIn.

3. He is a jet-setter but awfully impatient

D’Agostino Jr. actually has properties in West Palm Beach, Florida and New York City. But most of the time he is gliding in his private jet on business trips around the world. One time he’s in London to seal a deal only to end in Sidney to launch something. But when he touches the ground, he can be restless. He planned to pop up the big question to Lesseps one Valentine’s Day while they were in Vail but he became overly impatient. He suddenly presented his chic with an 8 karat yellow diamond ring in a weekend before Valentine.

4. He’s an avid golfer

When he is not on a business trip or not in the office, you are likely to find him in a golf course on his third hole. He has actually confessed of golf being the zest of his life after, of course, de Lesseps.

5. He is great friend of Dorinda Medley

Way before they bumped into each other at the restaurant, it turns out that they had known each other a bit earlier through RHONY star Dorinda Medley. After everything, Dorinda Medley again introduced them to the world as a couple.

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