Five Things Movies Always Get Wrong About Supermodels

The term supermodel refers to a model that has gained worldwide renown and in some case is widely known throughout the industry as one of the best talents there is. Unfortunately Hollywood tends to take this fact to another level at times in movies and makes it seem as though supermodels are untouchable beings that don’t tend to identify with anyone beneath their station and are at most times unapproachable because of their status. The truth is that unless a supermodel came from money and influence it’s very possible that they had to pay their dues and spend the time and effort to get where they’re at now. Not all of them were born to the life and some really had to sacrifice quite a bit to reach the level they’re at.

Here’s a few things about supermodels that popular media likes to hide at times.

5. Models do eat.

It can be assumed that they don’t pig out all the time on junk food and do keep a regular workout and diet in place but the fact remains that supermodels still do eat. Just because some of them look like a stiff breeze could blow them over doesn’t negate the fact that they tend to eat more than an apple with a bottle of water a day. The human body needs more than just a few hundred calories to function.

4. Photo shoots aren’t always the glamorous moments they seem to be.

From what you see in the movies models are always turning this way, walking up and down this runway or that one, and basically looking their best for the cameras and the people that are watching. But there are moment during photo shoots when it’s a lot of hurry up and wait happening or else people are in disagreement over how a shot should go. It’s not all peaches and cream.

3. Models don’t always get their way.

Even supermodels have to give way sometimes. Unless they’re the boss of their own company and can call the shots they do have to bend a little at times in order to make things work. Being known throughout the world doesn’t give them omnipotent power on the set and they do have to listen now and again in order to make things work out to their benefit.

2. Even supermodels are not indispensable.

If a model doesn’t want to play ball they can always be replaced. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of people across the world that could be ready at a moment’s notice to take over if a supermodel decided to act like too much of a pain in the backside. The decision to move on wouldn’t be that quick but it could still happen. Sometimes even the most popular model isn’t worth it if they cause too much trouble.

1. Supermodels are not all cold or stuck up. 

Despite the way they look in the photos and how they seem to act at times on TV a lot of supermodels are family women and do in fact present a pleasant face to the public and in private. Giselle Bundchen is a good example, as she is a mother, a wife, and one of the top models known throughout the world.

Don’t let appearances onscreen fool you, supermodels are very human.

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