Five Things Movies Get Totally Wrong about Being a Teenager

Being a teenager is something that we’ve all done and many more are going to do in the course of human history. But a lot of movies tend to get it wrong more often than not and seem to enjoy showing the average teenager a either a layabout that doesn’t do much and breezes through life, or troubled individual that can’t get things together. They also depict certain stereotypes on a regular basis, with very few individuals that are seen as able to bridge the gap between one point in the hierarchy and the next.

Movies just don’t understand.

5. Food fights are a rarity anymore.

In any school the food fight has become something that’s been frowned on for a good number of years now. The old food fights that are depicted in movies are the stuff of legend and even back then weren’t always tolerated. Teenagers don’t normally want to throw the food they’re eating since it means they’ll end up going hungry. And a hungry teenager is never a pretty sight.

4. Kids don’t worry about much when it comes to school.

Keeping with the school theme, kids tend to over-think a lot of things or don’t think about them at all. Some teens tend to try and breeze by while others will actually beg and plead their teachers to give them extensions, cut them a break, anything to get more time or consideration for what they haven’t gotten done. Kids do tend to worry a lot, especially in the last decade or so as the work load seems to have increased.

3. Kids are neurotic about their school career.

On the other end of this spectrum kids don’t generally freak out over just their school career. There are so many other issues to discuss, but one among the rest is that ever-present need to do well in school and outshine every other student and become an A+ student with a full ride to any college of their choice. Their fate of their future is about the only real reason that many kids become neurotic.

2. Gym class is a come as you please period.

In so many movies you see teenagers coming and going during gym class, as though it’s an open period and there are no rules to adhere to. Kids in movies tend to come and go in gym class to talk to their peers, to just hang out, or to do something that’s not class-related. In the movies it’s kind of the stomping grounds of the school so to speak. In reality however a lot of gym teachers would be more likely to send a teen to the principal’s office or just tell them to get out.

1. Teenagers get away with everything.

In the movies they get away with a lot if not absolutely everything. In real life teens still get away with a lot sometimes but not in the same manner. In the movies you see them doing things that would normally get an adult arrested and a teen’s parents called immediately. In real life this might happen but it’s usually on the down low and not as broadcast.

Teens are smart enough to know when to act like stereotypes and when not to.

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