Five Things Movies Get Wrong About Divorce

Movies tend to treat divorce a little too lightly for a couple of reasons, and one of them is the time limit. Some films might be all about the divorce and what it does to the people involved, but a lot of others either make fun of it or show it in a way that’s entirely laughable but still unbearably tragic. The truth about a divorce is that it’s not just a parting of the ways for two individuals that might have loved each other once, it’s the dissolution of something that was believed at one time to be something pure and unbreakable, a union that was supposed to be something that nothing could shake.

It’s not supposed to look as easy or as quick as it does in the movies.

5. People are not okay after a divorce.

This is partially correct, but a lot of people won’t go into a downward spiral after their divorce is finalized. To some people it’s the end to a long-standing nightmare that was dragging them down a very hard and unforgiving path. In some cases a divorce is a way to finally give the two individuals a measure of peace that they could no longer find with one another. But it’s not always bound to lead to depression.

4. The couple should stay together for the kids.

A couple with kids would make one of the biggest mistakes of their lives by staying together for their children. Living in a home where your parents argue nonstop is bad enough, but living in a home where your parents have no obvious love for one another and can barely be in the same room is worse. Divorce is somewhat easier to explain as it allows both parents to inform the children that they are still loved and that nothing was their fault.

3. Somebody is always at fault.

It is possible for two individuals to grow apart as the years stretch on. For some it doesn’t even take that long, meaning that a marriage wasn’t well thought out and was far more impulsive than anything. But at the ending of a marriage there’s nothing to say that anyone was truly at fault, it’s simply a possibility that two people will eventually tire of one another and wish to go their separate ways.

2. Being divorced means being single again.

Well yes, yes it does. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to party. Being newly divorced doesn’t always mean that a person is back on the market and is ready to mingle. The hurt and the rejection of a spouse or the fact that they’ve let them go tends to leave a pretty big hole in a person’s life. Going right back out and trying to fill it is going to be a lot harder than some people think.

1. Once the divorce is final it’s time to get back to living. 

Keep in mind that a divorce, unless it’s an amicable one, is still like losing your other half. there’s going to be a grieving period in which a person will need to readjust and acclimate to a life on their own. It’s not time to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care and let your hair down.

Divorce is something that a lot of people don’t even want to think about initially.

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