Five Things We Learned from The Baby-Sitters Club Trailer for Netflix

Based on the book series, The Baby-Sitters Club is yet another property that Netflix is bringing out in order to deliver a quality bit of entertainment to its subscribers as a group of young girls excitedly embark on a business plan that will utilize their various skills in order to make a bit of money as well pull them together as a close-knit group. From a viewer standpoint the show looks like something that might have been popular in the 90s or 2000s, but is being launched in this day and age to showcase the idea that girls from such different backgrounds can in fact pull together and create a lasting friendship that might benefit them in a big way and help them to grow in a few different ways as people. To some folks it might feel very girly and cute in a way but from the trailer it does tend to look like the show will go into more than a few details as to what the girls are going through in their own lives and how they’re growing as people as well as young women in their own ways.

Here are a few things to possibly expect from the show.

5. Nostalgia might play a role in this show.

Let’s be realistic and say that anytime a kid these days says that something looks ‘old’ or ‘ancient’ or anything of the kind it makes some of us feel a bit aged and perhaps behind the times since we can remember when such items as those being used in the show were still popular. But all in all it’s a nice throwback to an era that these kids likely don’t remember since they were either too young or not born yet and therefore don’t fully recognize as the days when their parents were kids and saw such things as commonplace. It’s okay, one of these days their kids will look at the things they thought were so great and say the same thing.

4. There are going to be a few difficulties to deal with.

The show does look like it’s going to go into the lives of the main characters and show just how they’re adapting to the world around them and how their lives are beset with various difficulties that they’ll have to navigate through, around, and figure out on their own, or with a little help. This is pretty normal for any show or movie that deals with subjects such as this considering that these young women are at a point in their lives when they’re attempting to figure out how best to run this idea and and are also taking notice of the world around them in a much different way. So expect there to be a good amount of drama here and there.

3. Relationships will be a factor.

Anyone seen the young woman on TikTok that’s blasted men for saying they don’t want daughters? Well, relationships are one reason why a lot of guys are worried, especially those that have daughters. Like it or not, guys know how guys think since like women, WE WERE THERE and we remember the raging hormones that start firing off like Roman candles at this age. Likely as not the show is going to go easy with this and not get too out of bounds, but the fact is that there will be relationships budding and possibly blossoming in this show, and it’s bound all be in good fun and will show that it’s not entirely easy, but it’s nothing to be immediately fearful of either.

2. It’s going to be very female-centric.

Obviously we’re seeing that the show will focus on these young women since they are the stars of the show, which is to be expected since it’s not often that a person sees a male babysitter for various reasons. But the story revolves around the young women that are seen in the trailer so it’s pretty natural that it’s going to have more of a feminine feel to it. In doing so the show is going to be more about women’s issues, challenges, struggles, and triumphs as the girls go about attempting to start, run, and maintain their business and their social lives at the same time.

1. The ‘cute’ factor is going to be there in a big way.

Considering that the show is dealing with young girls and with kids it’s going to have a cute factor that will likely be a big part of the show and therefore kind of maintain a family-friendly setting so that pretty much anyone can watch it. Some folks might be turned off by this but the benefit of that is that they don’t have to watch it. In the meantime, those that don’t mind the cute aspect can have a good time with it.

It could be a very positive show for a lot of people.

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